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Vendor Compliance

Intermix /in-ter-mix'/ vb.:
to be or become mixed together;
to blend, or associate intimately.

Since its inception in 1993, Intermix has evolved into more than a word or a boutique, it is now a lifestyle. As the company has grown, the name Intermix has become synonymous with innovative dressing and highly evolved personal style. The concept is simple, and has been embraced and championed by the most stylish women throughout the country: a boutique should merchandise its clothing for the way a woman actually intends to wear it. The looks and brands carried by Intermix are always unexpected and fashion forward, making it a vital resource for sophisticated women everywhere.

The "mix" of established and emerging designers at a range of prices, displayed in unexpected combinations, is what sets Intermix apart from other retailers.

Intermix Vendor
Compliance & Routing Manual

The following instructions outline the requirements that must be adhered to when shipping merchandise to Intermix, LLC (Intermix). Any questions concerning information contained in this guide must be addressed prior to shipment of goods.