Native to Los Angeles, Adina Reyter has been immersed in the world of fashion since she was a child studying her family’s knitwear label. Her namesake jewelry brand offers a range of pieces that focuses on beautifully designed versatile pieces that are meant to be worn and enjoyed every day. Look to Adina Reyter for Huggie Hoop earrings, choker necklaces, and curve collar necklaces crafted in 14k gold and finished with pavé embellishments.

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  • Super Tiny Pavé Folded Heart Necklace, METALLIC, hi-res
    {"name":"Super Tiny Pavé Folded Heart Necklace","id":"N731STFH-Y14","brand":"Adina Reyter"}

    Super Tiny Pavé Folded Heart Necklace

    Adina Reyter Super Tiny Pavé Folded Heart Necklace
  • Small Pavé Marquise Necklace, METALLIC, hi-res
    {"name":"Small Pavé Marquise Necklace","id":"N744SMRQ-MXD","brand":"Adina Reyter"}

    Small Pavé Marquise Necklace

    Adina Reyter Small Pavé Marquise Necklace
  • Pavé Curved Collar, METALLIC, hi-res
    {"name":"Pavé Curved Collar","id":"N743PVCC-MXD","brand":"Adina Reyter"}
  • Pavé Crossover Curve Necklace, METALLIC, hi-res
    {"name":"Pavé Crossover Curve Necklace","id":"N746PVCR-Y14","brand":"Adina Reyter"}

    Pavé Crossover Curve Necklace

    Adina Reyter Pavé Crossover Curve Necklace
  • Pavé Interlocking Loop Posts, GOLD, hi-res
    {"name":"Pavé Interlocking Loop Posts","id":"E583PILP-Y14","brand":"Adina Reyter"}

    Pavé Interlocking Loop Posts

    Adina Reyter Pavé Interlocking Loop Posts
  • Pavé Interlocking Loop Necklace, GOLD, hi-res
    {"name":"Pavé Interlocking Loop Necklace","id":"N867PILP-Y14","brand":"Adina Reyter"}

    Pavé Interlocking Loop Necklace

    Adina Reyter Pavé Interlocking Loop Necklace
  • Large Solid Pavé Disc Signet Ring, GOLD, hi-res
    {"name":"Large Solid Pavé Disc Signet Ring","id":"R237SDSX-Y14","brand":"Adina Reyter"}

    Large Solid Pavé Disc Signet Ring

    Adina Reyter Large Solid Pavé Disc Signet Ring
  • Heirloom Moon Curve Necklace, GOLD, hi-res
    {"name":"Heirloom Moon Curve Necklace","id":"N882HSWR-Y14","brand":"Adina Reyter"}

    Heirloom Moon Curve Necklace

    Adina Reyter Heirloom Moon Curve Necklace
  • Baguette Double J Hoops, GOLD, hi-res
    {"name":"Baguette Double J Hoops","id":"E604BGDH-Y14","brand":"Adina Reyter"}
  • Pavé Diamond Heart Studs, GOLD, hi-res
    {"name":"Pavé Diamond Heart Studs","id":"E486STFH-Y14","brand":"Adina Reyter"}
  • Pavé Crossover Hoops, GOLD, hi-res
    {"name":"Pavé Crossover Hoops","id":"E619MPCH-Y14","brand":"Adina Reyter"}
  • Heirloom Small Wrap Hoops, GOLD, hi-res
    {"name":"Heirloom Small Wrap Hoops","id":"E598HSWH-Y14","brand":"Adina Reyter"}
  • Heirloom Large Curve Necklace, GOLD, hi-res
    {"name":"Heirloom Large Curve Necklace","id":"N879HLGC-Y14","brand":"Adina Reyter"}

    Heirloom Large Curve Necklace

    Adina Reyter Heirloom Large Curve Necklace
  • Diamond Small Rays Pendant, GOLD, hi-res
    {"name":"Diamond Small Rays Pendant","id":"N861DSRP-Y14","brand":"Adina Reyter"}
  • Pavé Diamond Studs, GOLD, hi-res
    {"name":"Pavé Diamond Studs","id":"E496TPFD-Y14","brand":"Adina Reyter"}
  • Diamond Cluster Lariat Necklace, GOLD 2, hi-res
    {"name":"Diamond Cluster Lariat Necklace","id":"N571DICLL-Y14","brand":"Adina Reyter"}

    Diamond Cluster Lariat Necklace

    Adina Reyter Diamond Cluster Lariat Necklace
    $575 $349