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Intermix, LLC

Vendor Compliance and Routing Manual

The undersigned verifies receipt and understanding of the Intermix, LLC revised June 2015 Vendor Compliance and Routing Manual.

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We have read and understand all information outlined in this Compliance and Routing Manual:

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Please sign and scan or fax this copy to:
Distribution @ Intermixny.com
1440 Broadway   5th Floor     NYC, NY 10018     Fax 917-900-4300


The following instructions outline the requirements that must be adhered to when shipping merchandise to Intermix, LLC (Intermix). Any questions concerning information contained in this guide must be addressed prior to shipment of goods.

General Shipping Instructions
  • Intermix will not allow any unauthorized freight, insurance, handling, packing or any other miscellaneous charges on a merchandise invoice.
  • All purchase orders must be listed on the Bill of Lading. Purchase orders must not be physically mixed when freight is tendered to carrier.
  • All orders must be shipped in accordance with the Purchase Order Start Ship Date and the Complete/Cancel Date.

Delivery Refusals

  • Shipments received at Intermix late, cancelled, not on file or unapproved will be refused and returned to vendor without obtaining any verbal or written authorization and or authorization label. Neither inbound nor return freight will be paid by Intermix on such shipments. A Purchase Order will be considered late if not 95% complete by the cancel date.
  • If multiple purchase orders are shipped on a single bill of lading and any one purchase order is invalid, the entire shipment will be refused.
  • No C.O.D. shipments will be accepted without the prior written approval of Intermix. This includes C.O.D. for postage on UPS and Parcel Post shipments. All purchase orders have specific delivery dates. The vendor is responsible for shipping merchandise so that it will arrive within the delivery date shipping window that is specified on the purchase order.
  • Purchase Orders will not be accepted after the cancel date. Expenses will not be reimbursed.

Delivery Windows
Our required delivery window for all Purchases Orders will be 2 weeks from start ship to cancel date. It is imperative that all shipments are made on the start ship date. If a different shipping window is required, this must be discussed with the buyers at the time of bulk order placement.

Administrative Fees
Any deviation from the shipping and routing instructions listed $50.00 in this document will incur an administrative processing fee in addition to the charge-back fees incurred for each violation.
Processing Fee: $50.00


Shipping Address / Routing Information

All shipments must be shipped to the specified Intermix address on our Purchase Order. Merchandise shipped to another location without prior authorization will not be accepted all shipping fees incurred will be charged back to the vendor.

The shipping addresses for all Intermix locations are as follows:

Ohio Distribution Center:
Intermix, LLC.
Attention: Distribution and Receiving Department

5904 N. Meadows Dr.
Grove City, OH 43123

Our store locations:

store 1
125 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003
Tel 212-533-9720
Fax 212-533-9706

store 2
1003 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Tel 212-249-7858
Fax 212-249-4735

store 4
634 Collins Ave
Miami, FL 33139
Tel 305-531-5950
Fax 305-531-5910

store 5
210 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10023
Tel 212-769-9116
Fax 212-769-8358

store 6
160 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116
Tel 617-236-5172
Fax 617-236-7208

store 7
365 Bleecker
New York, NY 10014
Tel 212-929-7180
Fax 212-929-7178
store 8
Bal Harbour Shops
9700 Collins Ave
Tel 305-993-1232
Fax 305-993-1258
store 9
3222 M Street
Washington, DC
Tel 202-298-8080
Fax 202-298-8077

store 10
64 Main Street
Southampton, NY 11968
Tel 631-283-8510
Fax 631-283-8507
(Closed for Fall and Winter)

store 11
98 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012
Tel 212-966-5303
Fax 212-966-5308

store 12
Phipps Plaza
3500 Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA 30326
Tel 404-846-8446
Fax 404-846-8490

store 13
Americana Manhasset
2104 Northern Blvd
Manhasset, NY 11030
Tel 516-627-5840
Fax 516-627-5819

store 15
Town Center at Boca Raton
6000 Glades Rd Suite 1063
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Tel 561-393-6942
Fax 561- 393-6943

store 16
NorthPark Center
8687 N Central Expressway, Suite 220
Dallas, TX 75225
Tel 214- 691-3800
Fax 214-691-3806
dallas@intermixny. com

store 18
841 W Armitage
Chicago, IL 60614
Tel 773-404-8766
Fax 773-404-8756

store 19
40 East Delaware
Chicago, IL 60611
Tel 312-640-2922
Fax 312-640-2921

store 20
110 N Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Tel 310-860-0113
Fax 310-860-0014

store 21
3333 Bristal Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel 714-754-7895
Fax 714-754-7896

store 24
87 Main Street
East Hampton, NY 11937
Tel 631-907-8025
Fax 631-907-8079
(Closed for Fall and Winter)

store 25
1633 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647
Tel 773-292-0894
Fax 773-252-3167

store 26
3939 Cross Creek RD.
Malibu, CA  90265
Tel 210-456-7809
Fax 310-436-7821

store 27
Somerset Mall
2801 West Big Beaver RD, Space
Tory, MI  48084
Tel 248-643-1997
Fax 248-643-1964

store 28
325 Greenwich Ave
Greenwich, CT 06830
Tel 714-754-7895
Fax 714-754-7896

store 29
812 Washington St
New York, NY 10014
Tel 646-480-5762
Fax 646-480-5765

store 30
130 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON M5S 2C7 Canada
Tel 416 925-0111
Fax 416 925-0104

store 31
Brentwood Country Mart
225 26th Street; Space 52
Santa Monica, CA 90402
Tel 310-576-1342
Fax 310-576-1049

store 32
400 N Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Tel 310-623-1619
Fax 310-623-1620

store 33
1718 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Tel 215-545-6034
Fax 215-545-6037

store 34
51 Main Street
Westport, CT 06880
Tel 203-221-3018
Fax 203-221-3014

store 35
2001 International Drive; Space #1446
McLean, VA 22102
Tel 703-506-0914
Fax 703-506-0918

store 36
332 Bowery
New York, NY 10012
Tel 212-228-9087
Fax 212-228-8784

store 37
2409 Larkspur Landing Circle
Larkspur, CA 94939
Tel 415-461-0118
Fax 415-461-0119

store 38
218 Worth Ave
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Tel 561-832-4606
Fax 561-832-4607

store 39
1014-D Coast Village Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Tel 805-969-2184
Fax 805-969-6149

store 40
store 41
33 Boylston Street, Suite 3300
Chesnut Hill, MA 02467
Tel 617-232-5616
Fax 617-232-5618

store 42
112 Bellevue Square
Bellevue, WA 98004
Tel 425-462-2514
Fax 425-462-2507

store 43
855 El Camino Real #36
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Tel 650-462-1275
Fax 650-462-1850

store 44
428 E Hyman Ave
Aspen, CO 81611
Tel 970-925-2288
Fax 970-925-1154

store 45
1005 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL
Tel 305-604-6353

store 46
Scottsdale Quarter
15257 N. Scottsdale Rd Suite F1-100
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Tel 480-991-0365
Fax 480-991-0385

store 48
100 Promenade Way Suite E
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
Tel 805-379-4644
Fax 805-379-0441

store 49
3035 Peachtree Rd. NE Suite G109
Atlanta, GA 30305
Tel 404-816-8190

store 50
4444 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77027
Tel 713-439-0202
Fax 713-439-0214

Delivery Notification

Effective June 1, 2008 Intermix will require all shipment $ 50 per shipment notification to be made via EDI 856/ASN transmissions, at carton level to include the below detail:
  • Intermix P.O. Number
  • Style number
  • Vendor name
  • Total weight in pounds
  • Total units of product
  • Total number of cartons
  • Origination address
Processing Fee: $50 per Shipment

Exceptions, in writing, must be requested by those vendors who do not have the ability to transmit the 856/ASN. These vendors must e-mail Intermix with shipment details at time of shipment.

The e-mail should be sent to distribution@intermixny.com and must include all the above and additional information below:
  • Contact person name, email address, phone and fax information
  • Product type information (shoes, t-shirts, jewelry, etc.)

If vendor does not have email access, a fax must be sent to (212) 463-9524, ATTN. DISTRIBUTION AND RECEIVING

Carton Information
All cartons received by Intermix must include the following markings:

A shipping label affixed to the top of each carton that is plainly visible which lists the following information:

  • Vendor name
  • Carton # of total, (i.e. 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.)
  • P.O. number
  • Carton weight
  • Delivery tracking #
  • Style #
  • UCC 128 label on carton side—Effective June 1, 2008

Processing Fee: $100 per Shipment

A paper packing slip (no stickers) included in a clear plastic sleeve, Must be affixed to the top of each carton that includes the following information:

  • Vendor name and address
  • Carton # of total, (e.g., 1 of 4, 2 of 4)
  • INTERMIX purchase order number
  • Vendor invoice number
  • Total units sorted in the following order
  • 1) Style
  • 2) Color
  • 3) Size
  • Total number of cartons and weight of shipment
  • Itemized listing of all contents in that carton only

Processing Fee: $50 per Shipment

Multiple Purchase Orders

All purchase orders must be packed and identified separately. Multiple P.O. deliveries are not allowed in individual cartons.

Processing Fee: $100 per Occurrence

Domestic Carrier Requirements

Domestic vendors must use UPS GROUND for all domestic inbound freight. Vendors will be responsible for paying the difference in freight costs if UPS rates were less than the carrier used. Contact distribution@intermixny.com with any questions.

Processing Fee: $25 per Occurrence

Additional shipping charges incurred due to vendor error will be paid solely by the vendor. (For example, if a shipment is scheduled for delivery on a specific date, the vendor is expected to ship the merchandise for arrival on that date without incurring overnight or air freight charges). Any such charges will be a violation of the purchase order agreement and the difference between the overnight shipping fees and agreed upon shipping charges will be deducted in the form of a chargeback.

Processing Fee: $25 per Occurrence

Any use of the Intermix UPS account for shipping to any location other than Intermix and its agents is strictly prohibited. Vendors will be charged back for any fees due to improper use of account

Processing Fee: $500 per Occurrence

International Freight Forwarders
Vendors are requested to use the following Freight Forwarder unless advised by Intermix:

1-800-826-9188 (WITHIN CANADA)



Invoice Mailing Address

Invoices must be sent, via e-mail on the date of shipment to the following e-mail address: ap@intermixny.com

Processing Fee: $25 per Occurrence

If e-mail is not possible, please mail to:

New York, NY 10018

Invoice Information Requirements

All discounts must be correctly listed as a line item on the invoice.

Processing Fee: $50 per Occurrence

Payment due date must be properly listed (due dates start from the date of shipping.)

Processing Fee: $75 per Occurrence

Invoices must include only the items shipped. Billing for merchandise to be shipped at a later date will incur a charge-back. No short ships and no billing for back ordered merchandise allowed.

Processing Fee: $75 per Occurrence



(For Apparel Only)

Effective August 1, 2008 Intermix will require that certain styles be packed separately by store location. The buyers will identify these styles at the time when the bulk orders are placed. 3 weeks before the confirmed ship date Intermix will provide all the necessary information for packing and labeling for these locations.

Short Ships
Units contained inside the cartons must match carton paperwork and ASN (effective June 1, 2008)
Processing Fee: $25 per Occurrence

Merchandise Container Information
All bags, belts and Garments on Hanger (GOH) must be packed individually in a poly bag.
Processing Fee: $1 Per Unit

All shoes must be in a box, one pair per box.
Processing Fee: $1 Per Unit

Garment on Hanger Instructions
GOH items must be in a poly bag that is at least 6 inches longer than the garment.
Processing Fee: $1 Per Unit

GOH items must include item UPC, style and size on a sticker within 3 inches of the top and 3 inches right side of a poly bag.
Processing Fee: $1 Per Unit

All hang-able wearing apparel must be shipped GOH.
Processing Fee: $1 Per Unit

Hangers must be double strand wire or solid plastic, which is ¼”wide with rounded ends.
Processing Fee: $1 Per Unit

Merchandise must be packed so it remains the on hangers upon delivery.
Processing Fee: $1 Per Unit

Merchandise Sorting Requirements
Styles that are sent in multiple carton shipments must be sorted within those cartons using the following hierarchy:
1. First, pack items by: Style   2. Then, pack items by: Color   3. Finally, pack items by: Size
Processing Fee: $50 Per Shipment

Carstructton Conion and Packing Requirements
Processing Fee: $5 Per Carton & $5 Per Damaged Unit

All deliveries must be shipped in cartons with the size and test limitations listed below:

  • Cartons must include an additional layer of corrugated material between the box top and the merchandise to avoid box cutter damage.
  • Carton construction parameters: Processing Fee: $10 Per Carton

    Cardboard must have a minimum test weight of 200lbs;double-ply
    Maximum dimensions per carton must not exceed 30”W x 36”L x 30”H
    Maximum weight 40 pounds

All boxes must be taped. No staples allowed. Processing Fee: $5 Per Carton



All products must include a scannable UPC hangtag or sticker that lists The style, size and color, in addition to size and width for shoes.
Processing Fee: $1 Per Unit

Sticker should not be placed directly on garments. Return shipping fees will be incurred for damaged items due to sticker removal.
Processing Fee: $5 Per Unit

Special instructions for all Canada bound purchase orders:

Please ensure that all applicable product be labeled in compliance with the Canadian Competition Bureau Guide to Textile Labeling and Advertising Regulations available on
Processing Fee: $75 Per Unit



(For Apparel Only)
Processing Fee: $50 per shipment — $ .25 per unit

Effective May 1, 2008 all apparel products shipped to Intermix, LLC, must be ticketed with the Intermix hang tag and price sticker.
Intermix will supply both the hang tag and price sticker at no charge to you.

The hang tag must be attached with a 3” clear plastic swift thatch through your main label. The “Intermix” logo on the hang tag must face out, visible to the customer. It is acceptable to cut through the poly bag to attach the hang tag. Re-bagging will not be required.

The Intermix hang tag and price sticker will be supplied 3 weeks before scheduled shipment. If these items are required earlier, please send an e-mail to: distribution@intermixny.com indicating the style, purchase order number and destination for shipping.



Substitutions, Partial Shipment and Late Items

Substitute items must be approved in writing prior to shipment or will be refused based solely on the discretion of Intermix.
Any return fees incurred will be charged to the vendor plus a per unit processing fee.

Processing Fee: $2 per unit

Partial shipments are allowed with prior permission from Intermix.
distribution@intermixny.com for approvals.

Styles shipped past the cancel date will be refused unless approved in writing from the buyer.

Item Condition Terms

Vendor Tags
Merchandise should not have any price tags or MSRP information of any kind attached on the garments or in the cartons. In the event additional fees are incurred, those will be charged-back to the vendor.
Processing Fees: $1 Per Unit

Style Tagging
The identification information on the out side of your poly bag must match the identification information on/inside the garment, such as style number size and color.
Processing Fees: $1 Per Unit

Merchandise Defects
All merchandise which is returned to the vendor due to merchandise defects (e.g., faulty zipper, fit problem) will be charged a processing fee plus all shipping fees associated with the merchandise.
Processing Fees: $1 Per Unit



Expenses incurred due to violation of the instructions will be paid by the vendor in the form of charge-backs. All charge-backs will be documented and communicated to the vendor in detail. Vendors must respond in writing within thirty (30) days of the charge-back date if there are any questions. Charge-back amounts will be collected as a deduction from the payment for merchandise received according to the net payment terms of the Purchase Order Agreement.

Failure to follow these instructions will serve as your agreement to absorb all of the incremental costs plus applicable processing fees



Intermix, LLC is committed to conducting business in an ethical, legal and moral manner in all countries of the world. In view of this, we must insist that your contractors with whom you source be in compliance with laws of their host country as to wage/hour, overtime and legal work age considerations. In addition, the Intermix Business Code of Conduct clearly states our position regarding human rights issues including health and safety, prison or forced labor, physical punishment and discrimination.

The key requirements outlined below for the Intermix Code of Conduct:

1. Reasonable work hours shall be maintained and employees shall be compensated fairly in compliance with local standards and applicable national laws of the country or countries in which business is conducted. Employees shall not be required to work more hours than allowable under applicable law and shall be compensated as appropriate for overtime work. Employees should be permitted reasonable days off (which we define as meaning at least one day off for every seven-day period) and leave periods.

2. Employment shall be maintained on a voluntary basis. We will not accept goods if any manner of forced labor or prison labor is used in the manufacture or in subcontracting the manufacture of such goods.

3. We will not accept products if any manner of illegal child labor is utilized in the manufacture or in subcontracting the manufacture of such products (see below for child labor standards).

It is the desire of Intermix, LLC, to not only be a good citizen of the United States, but also to conduct business in an ethical and moral manner in all of the countries of the world in which we have the privilege to do business.

As the scope and breadth of your sourcing base expands to include more diverse cultures, we must ensure that the business people and companies with which you associate have the same values that we expect from our own employees. To achieve this end Intermix, LLC subscribes, and we endeavor to have our business partners subscribe, to the following principles in conducting business.

Ethical Standards: We endeavor to respect the ethical and moral standards and beliefs of all peoples and cultures with whom you deal. We in turn expect our business partners to respect our rules and procedures.

Legal Requirements: We expect your employees and business partners to abide by the laws of the countries in which they conduct business. We also expect that International law related to the conduct of business between Nations be followed at all times.

Health and Safety: We strive to have a safe and healthy working environment in all the facilities that Intermix, LLC owns and operates. We also expect that any business partners to whom you provide work will endeavor to provide a safe/healthy environment for the employees in the workplace, but also in the living facilities provided to the workers, should such facilities be provided.

Environmental Safekeeping: We understand that the environment in which we live in is ours to maintain and protect. We subscribe to manufacturing practices that ensure the safekeeping of our natural resources and ecological surroundings, and expect our business partners to also adhere to these principles.

Wages and Benefits: The wage and benefit structure of our business partners must comply with the applicable Country or State laws.

Working Hours: We expect our business partners to operate based on prevailing local work hours. Any time worked over the norm for the area should be compensated at the overtime rate as prescribed by the local labor laws and should be worked voluntarily. We encourage our contractors and business partners to provide workers the opportunity for a reasonable amount of time off from their duties to rest and to be with their families.

Child Labor: The use of child labor is not permissible. For a definition of “child”, we will first look to the national laws of the country in which business is being conducted. If, however, the laws of that country do not provide such a definition or if the definition includes individuals below the age of 14, we will define “child”, for purposes of determining use of illegal child labor, as any one who is: (a) Less than 14 years of age; or (b) Younger than the compulsory age to be in school in the country in which business is being conducted, if that age is higher than 14.

Prison/Forced Labor: We will not knowingly utilize or purchase materials and/or product manufactured by prison or forced labor – indentured, bonded or otherwise. We also do not condone the practice of involuntary employee “deposits”, withholding of identity papers or any other practice that would restrict free movement of employees.

Discrimination: We recognize and are aware that cultural differen

ces will exist between various peoples. However, we do believe that people should be employed based on their ability to perform a needed function; not on the basis of personal beliefs or characteristics.

Freedom of Association: We recognize and respect the right of employees to exercise their lawful rights of free association, including joining or not joining any association. We expect our business partners to also adhere to these principles.

Disciplinary Practices: We will not condone any type of harassment, abuse, and corporal, mental or physical punishment by a business partner or an employee.

Your agreement and acceptance of this document is assurance that all products, which you will source, manufacture and deliver to us, will be produced in full compliance with the requirements set forth above. You understand that we will rely on this assurance in buying products from you.


Supplier hereby indemnifies and holds Intermix LLC, its affiliated companies and their officers, directors, employees and agents (collectively, “the Intermix Parties”) harmless from and against any and all claims, costs, losses, accountings, damages and/or liabilities (collectively, a “Claim”) including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees and costs and any fees incurred in connection with the reasonable investigation relating to such Claims, arising from any proceeding or action brought or asserted against any of the Intermix Parties to the extent such proceeding or Claim is based on an allegation that the goods, as sold and delivered by Supplier to any of the Intermix Parties, are defective or infringe or allegedly infringe upon any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights belonging to a third party.  Should any of the Intermix Parties be enjoined from using goods furnished by the Supplier because of a Claim by a third-party, Supplier shall, at its own expense, procure the right to continue using the allegedly infringing goods or replace or modify the goods so that they become non-infringing, or at Supplier's option, refund to the Intermix Parties the purchase price of such goods.

The Intermix Parties shall notify Supplier in the event that they are notified of a Claim.  The Intermix Parties shall have the sole right to select counsel to defend against the Claim and Supplier shall promptly pay any and all bills associated with a Claim that are issued by counsel for the Intermix Parties.  In the event that a Claim is lodged against one of the Intermix Parties and at such time the Intermix Parties owe Supplier money for goods (which are either subject to the Claim or not), the Intermix Parties shall have the right to withhold payment to Supplier to insure Supplier’s compliance with this indemnification provision.