Now, more than ever, is the time to amplify important female voices and to empower each other through shared experience. And so we’ve created a platform for women to tell their stories and a space where we can listen and learn from them.
"This past year, we saw the first female Vice President elected to the White House, a milestone that for countless women and young girls expanded their idea of what’s possible.   The road toward gender equality has been long, arduous and paved with setbacks. It’s a topic that can fall in and out of the general conversation. However, it’s the women who have continued to fight for what we all deserve that help make moments like Kamala Harris’ happen.  Venus Williams is one of those women. Yes, she’s won four Olympic gold medals, seven Grand Slam titles and was the first African American woman to be ranked number one in the world. Yet, one of her most inspiring accomplishments is the work she has done to further equal pay—including famously lobbying Wimbledon and launching a #PrivilegeTax initiative.   She is someone whose core values shine through everything she does, and who has never been able to sit by idly when things are wrong.  See what she has to say about confidence, her fight for equality, her love of fashion and so much more."