In Conversation With Women
"Q&A with Zoe What are the first three things you do each morning? ZB: Tea in bed with a biscuit, incense and chanting, and the third thing might change slightly if I'm not alone Top three artists on your Spotify right now? ZB: Lianne La Havas, Prince, Buju Banton Who/what was your biggest influence? ZB: My biggest influences are trauma, resilience, my Mother, and the deity Radharani What are three qualities you admire most in others? ZB: Patience, generosity, bravery What are you most passionate about? ZB: I'm probably most passionate about my daughter- it must be incredibly irritating for her but I can't help it!"
"To the woman reading this, what message do you have? ""Showing love to our sisters, even those who are strangers to us, is a radical act of protest. The patriarchy wants us to believe that there is limited shine in this world so we must fight each other for it: it's a trap."""