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  • Grace Twisted Fringe Earrings, GOLD/MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Grace Twisted Fringe Earrings","id":"AGRACE-O","brand":"Gas Bijoux"}

    Grace Twisted Fringe Earrings

    Gas Bijoux Grace Twisted Fringe Earrings
  • Torsade Circle Link Earrings, GOLD, hi-res
    {"name":"Torsade Circle Link Earrings","id":"ATORSADE-MULTI-O","brand":"Gas Bijoux"}

    Torsade Circle Link Earrings

    Gas Bijoux Torsade Circle Link Earrings
  • Riviera Crystal Drop Earrings, CLEAR, hi-res
    {"name":"Riviera Crystal Drop Earrings","id":"ARIVIERA-O","brand":"Gas Bijoux"}

    Riviera Crystal Drop Earrings

    Gas Bijoux Riviera Crystal Drop Earrings
  • Bo Lodge Cabachon Earrings, IVORY/MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Bo Lodge Cabachon Earrings","id":"ALODGE-NU-PM-OC-T-CREAM","brand":"Gas Bijoux"}

    Bo Lodge Cabachon Earrings

    Gas Bijoux Bo Lodge Cabachon Earrings
  • Zefa & Nae Ombré Lucite Bangles, SIENNA/CREAM, hi-res
    {"name":"Zefa & Nae Ombré Lucite Bangles","id":"BSTACK-ZEFA-NAE-O","brand":"Gas Bijoux"}

    Zefa & Nae Ombré Lucite Bangles

    Gas Bijoux Zefa & Nae Ombré Lucite Bangles

Gas Bijoux

French jewelry designer Andre Gas has turned his love of jewelry into a family business, passing his energy, passion, and curiosity down to his children. At the core of Gas Bijoux is the desire to provide sunshine in its designs, crafting necklaces, earrings, and bracelets imprinted with the essence of craftsmanship and radiance.