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  • Pearl Candy Beaded Bracelet, WHITE, hi-res
    Standard Price$175
  • Organic Hoop Earrings, LIGHT BLUE, hi-res
    Standard Price$150
  • Eva Pearl Chain-Link Bracelet, GOLD, hi-res
    Standard Price$150
  • Eva Beaded Chain-Link Necklace, GOLD/BEIGE/BLACK, hi-res
    Standard Price$345
  • Tile Crystal Drop Earrings, LIGHT GREEN, hi-res
    Standard Price$275
  • Shore Pearl Drop Earrings, TURQUOISE, hi-res


    Standard Price$250
  • Still Life Floral Drop Earrings, MULTI, hi-res
    Standard Price$265
  • Aegan Pearl Drop Earrings, YELLOW, hi-res
    Standard Price$240
  • Yolo Malachite Drop Earrings, GREEN, hi-res
    Standard Price$195
  • Infatuation Heart Hoop Earrings, BLUE-LT, hi-res
    Standard Price$150
  • Deco Pearl Teardrop Earrings, IVORY, hi-res
    Standard Price$295 Sale Price$89


Lizzie Fortunato

Founded in 2008 by twin sisters Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato, the jewelry line seeks to create unique accessories with unexpected materials. Designer Lizzie draws inspiration from historical, artistic, and architectural references, and the brand has become known for its bold accessories that are influenced by travel, fine art, and artisan craftwork.