See Inside the Morning Routines of Four Influential Women

Sep 26, 2018

Admittedly, mornings can be tough. Many of us hit snooze more times then we’d like to admit, while naturally-inclined early birds pop up (and head to an early a.m. spin class!) without missing a beat. Wherever you land on the spectrum, it’s no secret that your morning routine sets the tone of your day.


From starting the day with a gratitude-inspired mantra or cuddling your dog—the good news is there is no wrong way to do it. In the spirit of one of our must-have trends for the season—Power Dressing—we caught up with a some of our favorite power women to see how they conquer their mornings. Here's a peek into their routines, plus shop our edit of pieces to start your morning in style.


Who: Alle Fister, Founder of Bollare

5:45 AM: My mornings start early! If I am extra motivated, my husband and I take a beach walk (we live in Playa Del Rey right by the ocean)! If I am lagging (which is more times than not) I start my day off with a shower and a skincare routine with the UK-based naturals brand,This Works. They have an amazing skincare line rooted in the 24-hour clock of our skin cycle—it truly is the best!

6:30 AM: My husband and I are big juicers, so I start out the day making a fresh green juice using the Hurom juicer, while my husband makes us foam-y coffees.

7:00 AM: I usually tend to my first batches of emails and phone calls while lounging in my Olivia von Halle silk pajama set—and sometimes if it's extra early, from my bed—I'm in love with Parachute linens. While enjoying my array of beverages from my home office, I am usually guilty of scrolling through WHAT’S NEW or HOW WE STYLE on Intermix for some good outfit inspo!

8:00 AM My makeup routine is quite consistent. I recently traveled to South Korea for work and have been attempting to implement a 10 step routine, but I'm stuck at 5. A few beauty brands I'm loving include Dior, Kevyn Aucoin, Chanel, Redken and a new natural deodorant brand, CORPUS. 

8:30 AM:  While I am doing my makeup, I listen to the morning news and scroll through a few key sites to catch up on world events and what’s happening, such as Business of Fashion, CNN, Fashion Week DailyWWD and The Hollywood Reporter. I also scroll through our Bollare Instagram feed and check out the latest girls we're working with for our digital influencer program. 

9:00 AM: I am out the door and driving into our offices at Bollare West Hollywood. It is about a 40-minute drive, so while on the road if I am not taking client or team calls, I am catching up on the Skinny Confidential Podcast! 

10:00 AM: I am at my office always just in time for a 10am meeting to start the ‘in office’ portion of my day! A typical look for me is a Faithfull dress in a fun pattern (or two), paired with my staple Ancient Greek leather sandals. When I have a meeting, my go-to choice is always a Smythe blazer for a more polished look—those girls know how to cut a suit! When I am hosting client lunches, I feel most confident in a effortlessly-chic Paper London outfit. I adore their unexpected details and play on proportion. For evening cocktails, I always reach for a chic Jonathan Simkhai dress that can be worn from desk-to-dinner.


Who: Jamie Frankel, Stylist

6:45 AM: Brush my teeth, wash my face, ask Alexa to wake me up with Fleetwood Mac or Rap Caviar

6:50 AM: Get on my yoga mat for a much-needed ten-minute flow and breathing meditation

7:30 AM: Shower and blow dry my hair. I’ll also dab on a little Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and mascara

8:15 AM: Time to get dressed. For a big meeting or event, I’ll wear a tailored look from Monse, Hellessy, or Victoria, Victoria Beckham. Polished pieces make me feel put together and confident

8:30 AM: Take a few minutes to relax and skim The New York Times, Business of Fashion and VOGUE Runway

9:00 AM: Pat myself on the back for making it to this point – and for owning the day ahead!


Who: Kerry Pieri, Digital Fashion/Features Director at Harper’s Bazaar

7:30 AM: My one-year-old daughter, Lila Sky, is my alarm clock. I’ll get her out of her crib, and we’ll start the day on a happy note with some living room dancing

8:00 AM: Sip on a cappuccino while listening to Spotify classical and spending time with Lila as she eats. A little leisure time is important before starting a busy day

8:15 AM: Shower, dry my hair and select my outfit. I usually pick out the first thing that catches my eye and build from there. I try keeping the day’s events and appointments in mind

9:00 AM: Kiss Lila and my husband [goodbye] before heading out into the world. During my commute, I’ll center myself with a podcast, like Oprah SuperSoul Conversations, or practice deep breathing


Who: Willow Lindley, Accessories Editor at VOGUE

6:45 AM: I wake up and say I say, “Alexa, turn on coffee and play The Daily.” Now we’re off and running

7:10AM: I wash my face and thankfully, the caffeine starts working its magic. Then, I start outfit planning while I’m in the middle of my quick makeup application and hair fix-up

7:20 AM: Start think about my upcoming calendar and plan my outfit from the ground up. I start with the shoes that I think are best for the day’s events. For an important day of meetings, I might go with a versatile look that allows me to swap in a more comfortable pair of shoes for something more statement-making and indicative of my role as an accessories editor

7:45 AM: Now, I’m out the door. I always eat breakfast at the office – usually eggs with spinach and some kind of cheese. It’s the perfect meal to fuel a big day

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