The Ultimate Denim Edit with Janelle Lloyd

Feb 22, 2018

There are many pairs of jeans to want, but what about the ones you truly need? We asked chic real women to share and show off in The Ultimate Denim Edit: A curation of the four styles you should absolutely have in your closet.

“Wait, you need this.” It’s a phrase we’ve uttered at least once while showing a shopping companion a particularly chic find. While we’ve all said it, blogger Janelle Lloyd has turned the phrase into a full-blown personal brand. No stranger to the digital or style space, Lloyd has spent time as a Partnerships Manager at Google, a stylist, and an interior decorator. Put it all together and you have one very chic and savvy blogger. In the spirit of The Ultimate Denim Edit, we spoke with Llloyd about her favorite pair of jeans, advice for aspiring influencers, and more…

Describe your personal style in four words or less?

Feminine, relaxed, eclectic, New York.

The L’Agence Margot Prime Vintage is your go-to pair of jeans for their versatility. As someone who meets with clients and brands all over NYC, how would you style them for a meeting uptown versus one downtown?

For a meeting uptown, I’d pair them with a tailored top that has a statement sleeve and then a block heel boot. If I’m going downtown, I’d wear them with kicks and an oversized blazer downtown. These days, the vibes between uptown and downtown are more blurred, so my outfit would ultimately depend on my audience and the time of day. I really love these L’Agence skinnys because they’re cropped. I’m all about a cropped denim silhouette right now.

What are your favorite spots uptown? How about downtown?

When I’m uptown in beautiful weather, I love to fit in happy hour at The Met’s rooftop garden bar. You can also catch me walking more than a few blocks out of my way for a chocolate chip cookie from Levain Bakery. When I’m downtown, I’ll do date night at Tokyo Record Bar, Chillhouse for massages and manicures, and Ludlow House or PUBLIC Hotel for cocktails.

What are some tips for stylishly incorporating denim into your outfits?

I love to make a wrap or slip dress more edgy by layering denim under them. This is also my favorite kind of outfit when I want to wear a dress, but it’s just too cold out.

Tell us about your former position at Google.

While at Google, part of my role was showcasing how partnering with influencers and creators can help brands connect more authentically with their target audiences. Influencers are really the key to injecting brands into real conversation on and offline.

How did your work there inspire you to become a full-time blogger and influencer?

I started my blog long before working at Google, but witnessing first-hand the trust brands have in the power of influencers made it easier for me to take the plunge to full-time.

What are the biggest rewards and challenges of being a full-time influencer?

Well, it’s been less than two months since I quit my day job! But so far, the biggest reward is having more time to connect with the audience that supports my content. I also just love getting those comments or DMs that say “I never would have bought this, but I did because of you and I love it!” It’s definitely those little wins that make my day. Time management and finding balance has been the biggest challenge. I struggle with carving out time for myself, my fiance, and my friends but they understand and are super supportive.

Tell us about the personal brand you’ve created with “Wait You Need This”

It’s playful, elevated, and approachable. I want to be accessible because I think that’s scarce in this industry. For example, you’ll usually catch me smiling both in my photos and in real life.

How do you see the influencer industry evolving?

Consumers today like hearing from a mix of digital tastemakers. Bloggers, celebrities, editors, models, and experts are all grouped together as “influencers” now. I think these lines will continue to blur in positive ways, and we’ll see more and more collaboration across these mediums and areas of expertise.

What advice do you have for a blogger and influencer who is just starting out?

Just start! Your brand doesn’t have to be perfect from day one. Also, invest in producing good content because the bar is high. Brands are savvy enough to find you; they will come to you if you produce beautiful photos and videos.

What type of photo usually garners you the most likes?

Street style imagery with captions that focus on wardrobe and styling tips are my top performers.

Favorite spots to shoot in NYC?

SoHo is my favorite neighborhood to shoot. There’s so much character from block to block so one shoot never looks quite the same the other.

What are a few tips for achieving the perfect street style shot?

Don’t be stiff. Move around a lot and mix it up between a soft face and a smile. You’ll get the shot.