Ksubi’s Apples Ryan on Spring’s Biggest Denim Trends

May 1, 2018

Ksubi’s Apple Ryan on Spring’s Biggest Denim Trends

We’ve always pinned Ksubi as the ultimate cool-girl label. The Australian brand is best known for its sand-papered distressed denim and near perfect broken-in washes. The whole aesthetic is reminiscent of Bondi Beach’s breezy, effortless surf culture – and let’s be honest – that’s a scene we wouldn’t mind annexing, especially with our wardrobe.  

Ksubi’s unattainable cool made us all the more excited to get to know Apples Ryan, the label’s Brand Manager. Apples, a native of Australia, is a perfect representation of the brand. She has an easy, laidback attitude, gorgeous beach hair and can pull off any and every outfit. We’ve got one way to sum her up: Girl Crush.

Being the expert that she is, we asked Apples about her favorite denim trends for spring and summer – and had her model a few of them too. Trust us, you’ll be a Ksubi convert after this.

You’re originally from Australia and now live in Brooklyn. How do the places you’ve lived influence your style?

I’ve always seen denim as a global uniform. Everyone wears it!  It’s really awesome to see how different corners of the earth translate it in their own way. Having lived in Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia for so many years, denim cut-off shorts were worn by just about every single girl. Every time I wear my denim cut-offs, I’m reminded of the beach.

I’ve lived n in New York City for just over six years now. I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and I love my  neighborhood. There are so many creatives there. It’s inspiring to seeing how they dress in denim. Truly, the best people watching is on the L train to-and-from work. Living in NYC has definitely given me the confidence to experiment with my style and to test new ideas and inspiration. 

Who or what personally influences your style?

The girls that work in Ksubi retail stores inspire me a lot. I love seeing how they wear their denim. My friends also influence me a ton. And also, my husband gives me the confidence to experiment with my outfits.

I wouldn’t get away with half the looks I put together without him. I’m not sure if he compliments them to keep me happy, or if he genuinely appreciates my effort, but let’s just say he is great and rarely disagrees.

What is your favorite way to dress up denim?

Nothing beats wearing denim with heels. I’m obsessed with this pink satin pair from ATTICO!

And dress it down?

The older I get, the more I refuse to “dress down.” Even when I’m wearing sneakers with denim, I always try to make sure I have on some kind of element that keeps my look dressed up. I swear that is my secret to getting older.

What are your favorite denim styling tips for spring?

A denim jacket should be your go-to jacket for spring. It’s an instant update to your attire, and indigo blues look great on every complexion.

What are the key denim styles every woman should own for spring?

We are loving our new short style, the Applaye. It’s a longer shape with a higher rise. They feel very fresh and because of the, they’re perfect for transitioning from spring to summer.

We’re wondering more about Ksubi. How did you get your start as a denim designer and now as Brand Manager?

Would you believe I’m going on ten years with Ksubi? I was very lucky to just be friends with everyone at the brand back in the day, and after some time, they asked me to come on board as a Creative Consultant. From there, I asked the owners if they could teach me how the denim was washed and before I knew it, I was in the fortunate position designing men’s and women’s denim. That’s the best thing about Ksubi – and what we are especially proud of – most of us who work here have no technical background, but we still create styles we all want to wear. We are not merch-driven; creative still rules, which is very rare these days.

Since relocating to New York, I’ve been Brand Manager. Again, it’s not something I’m technically trained in – all I can say is thank goodness for Google… joking!. Really though, I’ve enjoyed being a member of the USA team working on Ksubi’s relaunch here. it’s been challenging but also very rewarding.  It’s extremely motivating relaunching a brand in a new country.

What is your favorite pair of Ksubi jeans?

The slim pin is my go-to everyday jean. I love that it’s 100% cotton. The starchiness is such a nice welcome after so many years of super stretch.

What sets Ksubi apart from other denim brands?

We love to take risks, and our denim and collections reflect our lifestyle and day- to-day. We will never take anything too seriously.

What type of girl or style icon inspires Ksubi?

We definitely adhere to the girls that like to take risks and who don’t take life or style too seriously. Effortless is always key.  Right now Hailey Baldwin is wearing Ksubi a lot. We especially love her style and attitude. She looks like she is enjoying herself and that’s great to see!

What denim trends are you loving right now?

New denim shapes are really key right now. We have a denim stitch ‘n’ repair story coming out for a dress and jacket called the Cut ‘n’ Sliced. The deconstructed design is very fresh and forward, but still gives off an effortless look, which is personal to our brand.

Lastly, a fun one… who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram right now?

@badlilbear – She works for Ksubi and is a big muse for me at the moment.

@mona__offi – This Japanese-American model is another muse of mine. I love her style.

@kavaberries – A great NYC-based photographer who I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I LOVE how she vibes out when creating new content.


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