Go Behind-the-Scenes of Our Summer Look Book Shoot

May 14, 2018

It’s no secret that we all wait for summer with an almost palpable buzz of excitement. The season’s three months are practically an escape unto themselves. Their sublime sunshine and long days inspire an innate sense of adventure that seems to be a signature of the season.  Wanderlust suddenly has a tendency to strike at any moment and when it does, there’s nothing better than enlisting your chicest companions and living out new experiences – whether it’s jet-setting to an exotic beach or planning a staycation of girls’ brunches and museum visits.  

#SummerUnfiltered encapsulates these unforgettable – and Instagrammable – moments. While you’re busy building your itinerary, we’re curating its picture-perfect wardrobe. You may choose to relax seaside, sightseeing or dance the night away. Whatever the adventure, we’ve curated pieces so you can not only live, but also look the part.

Creating #SummerUnfiltered took our team on its own faraway adventures, from photographing our models on the beach to capturing local Caribbean culture – and yes, even driving into the sunset in an incredible vintage car. We spoke to our Head of Styling, Kyla Eato on what it was like behind-the-scenes at our shoot, which like summer itself, was far from average.

What is your overall process for selecting looks for a Look Book shoot?  

There are so many factors that go into styling a campaign and new season. People think it’s just putting pretty things together, there’s more to it than that. First I review the buyers’ biggest investments and then I think about the story we’re trying to tell. Styling is like a puzzle. I start with one piece and then build the outfit around what is most important.

How did you select pieces for the #SummerUnfiltered shoot? 

For #SummerUnfiltered, I was drawn to pieces with color and styles that make you feel like you’re on vacation

What are the biggest trends you wanted to highlight for summer 2018? 

The most defining trends for this campaign and season are primary pops of color and matching sets. I love playing with color combos, and how amazing are matching sets?

Where did you find inspiration for this particular shoot? 

I was inspired by a location for this shoot. We were dreaming about the Italian coast long before I started styling, and that stuck with me. I wanted our girls dressed in off the shoulder tops, flowing skirts and floral prints.

What was like it behind the scenes on this set? You went through so many looks! 

There were so many looks! 58 in fact. I have an amazing assistant, who I couldn’t have made it through this shoot without. One of us would be on the beach with one model and the other would be prepping the other model back in the motor home where all of the looks were housed.

What are your favorite pieces from summer 2018? 

I have two. I knew from the moment I saw it that I had to have this blush Zimmermann set. It is so beautiful on and once I get my summer glow going, it will complement my skin perfectly! The other piece is the checked Tibi blazer. Amy Smilovic has such an eye for detail. This one has a completely convertible back. It’s so cool.

What are some of the biggest brands featured in #SummerUnfiltered? 

Caroline Constas, L’Agence, Exclusive for Intermix, Ulla Johnson

This campaign was shot at multiple locations – the beach, the city, a resort. What was like it shooting in each place? 

Like any day at the beach, we got way too much sun on the first day. We crashed like babies when we wrapped. The city was amazing. It had so much character! The colorful walls and local flavor were most apparent, and we truly operated as a team to get all of our shots in.  The resort was beautiful. There was a lagoon and luscious leaves that you can only find someplace tropical!

Were there any standout moments from the shoot overall? Can you share them? 

I love moments where the crew comes together and gets to know one another. When we first arrived we all went out by the water, listened to music, took in the sun and had a few cocktails. I think it’s times like that that make us excited to work together the next day. 

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