Spring In Bloom: Our Interview with Flower Girl NYC

Mar 8, 2018

From peonies to poppies, daisies to dahlias, the art of flower arranging delves far beneath the surface of aesthetic beauty. Like fashion, it can be a vehicle for expression and have the power to reflect our mood in myriad ways. But we didn't have to tell any of that to Denise Porcaro, better known as Flower Girl NYC; in the 14 years since its opening, Porcaro's Lower East Side shop has become a bonafide mecca for beautiful, bespoke arrangements for occasions ranging from weddings to runway shows. In the spirit of our No Wallflowers chapter of the Spring 2018 Look Book, we challenged her to dream up two unique floral compositions inspired by two key pieces of the season by AMUR and Exclusive for INTERMIX. Read our Q&A with Denise and watch the step-by-step for each arrangement below.

Which flowers are in this arrangement inspired by the AMUR Twist Front Crop Top?
The ranunculus, blue delphinium and gloriosas. And even though there’s not a ton of yellow in there, I feel like it still “pops.” It’s a simple and sweet combo that goes well in a smaller vase.

Tell us how this AMUR print makes you feel. What’s the overall vibe like?
I love how graphic it is. It’s such a modern floral—it’s floral in a non-traditional sense with a young, fun, whimsical, chic feel to it. And I personally feel that you could easily wear it with jeans, but could also dress it up with a long skirt.

What made you choose the flowers in this particular arrangement?
I think ranunculus are super 'spring' and they’re a really stunning flower—always a crowd pleaser. I thought the color picked up the red [in the print]. There are not a ton of [naturally occurring] blue flowers, but I went with the delphinium because it’s perfect for the season and the shape is kind of ruffle-y, like the edge of the sleeve. And gloriosas are just so beautiful. They add a real graphic vibe for the arrangement.

Tell us about the second print in this Exclusive for INTERMIX top.
This one spoke to me because it’s so floral-forward, but still really elevated and beautiful. The one thing that jumped out to me were the tiny blue flowers and tiny white flowers. They just screamed ‘spring’ to me, and I thought it would be nice because as an arrangement, it allows me to incorporate some greenery.

It feels so lush, almost like a meadow of wildflowers. What flowers are you using for this arrangement?
Peonies, thistles – which are so special and are also blue – garden rose, tweedia, chamomile and narcissus.

What is it about floral arranging that you’re so passionate about. Your work resonates with so many people – and florals and fashion are having such a moment.
I fell into flowers totally organically and started my business 14 years ago. I went to school for film, and I think that between the film, digital and fashion worlds and [the world of] flowers, I feel like it’s always about expressing yourself through different mediums and what you’re working with. Flowers are of course, my business, but I love fashion just as much.