A BTS Look at Our Exclusive Label

Jun 1, 2017

When A–listers like Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are wearing your designs, you know you're doing something right. So is the case for the Exclusive for INTERMIX label, an original line of trend–focused pieces that are designed and developed right here in our New York City offices by a team of in–house designers. From irresistibly chic off–the–shoulder dresses to bold and bright jumpsuits and everything in between, these are the affordable styles you'll wear now and for seasons to come.
The line was established 12 years ago as a way to create of–the–moment pieces that the team knew the INTERMIX girl would love. Each season, the Exclusive for INTERMIX team works with the Chief Merchant to conceptualize these styles by looking at current runways trends as well as silhouettes that have been hits in previous seasons. 
We recently took a behind–the–scenes look at the Exclusive for INTERMIX team's office and found out some pretty interesting things about their process along the way.
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They work with manufacturers with serious fashion cred
The Exclusive for INTERMIX styles aren't made just anywhere—they're created by teams at factories that work with labels like Isabel Marant and Michelle Mason.

They move fast
The team can turn around a style in as little as eight weeks, to be exact. That means that they can bring you some of the season's most exciting silhouettes as fast as possible.

They're involved in every.single.detail.
From the inspiration to sketching to final fittings, the Exclusive for INTERMIX team is hands–on from start to finish when it comes to their styles. Sometimes, they'll even go through seven different fits to make sure that the final product is perfect.

They get inspiration from pretty much everywhere
Runway shows, magazines, social media, girls in the INTERMIX office—you name it. The team is always on the lookout for exciting styles and compelling details to inspire them.

Photo credit: Ashley Jahncke