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Choose excitement, vitality and exhuberant color with luxurious and unique Bajra designs from INTERMIX. Shop our exclusive collection for modern and exotic scarves and accessories to complete any casual or formal ensemble. Each unique piece is bursting with life and personality. Add color, visual pop, and glamour to an outfit. Hand-woven and hand-dyed collections of cashmere, silk and wool shawls are available in various patterns and prints. Exciting and innovative details like leather fringe, basket weave textures, and delicate ombre quickly elevate each piece from fashion-forward to truly breathtaking. Explore Bajra online for versatile sizes, shapes and designs that you can mix and match. Enjoy a luxe scarf wrapped around the shoulders, draped loosely around the neck, tied in a sophisticated knot, or many other creative ways. Set off a neutral blazer and trousers with an orange and red scarf, or a cocktail dress with a fringe wrap. Choose Bajra from INTERMIX.