Intermix Duccio Venturi

You can't go wrong with strong, clean and singularly stylish footwear from Duccio Venturi. INTERMIX has a bold selection of top-of-the-line shoes from this leading design house. Discover your new favorite flats, sandals, boots, heels and more in our curated collection. Duccio Venturi shoes are known for modern innovations and timeless takes on classic shoe shapes. Enjoy fresh fits and fashion-forward details. Durable yet luxurious materials like leather, suede and more elevate each pair. Enjoy sexy embellishments like cage openings, long straps, metallic edges and other unexpected touches. Neutral yet unforgettable, each pair perfectly complements your causally chic wardrobe. Slide into a laid back pair of flats with a sundress or boyfriend jeans and tee for a Saturday brunch. Stay comfortable and coveted with lace-up sandals and an innovative romper for a night out dancing or a dinner date. Explore our signature selection of chic Duccio Venturi designs at INTERMIX.
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