INTERMIX Emilio Cavallini

Break out of the norm with Emilio Cavallini at INTERMIX. Hosiery gets the star treatment from this luxury brand. Freshen up a sheath dress or mini skirt with textured tights or hosiery that makes the look stand out in the crowd. Emilio Cavallini tights have a high denier, meaning they last longer and feel softer than the usual hosiery brands. Expect a sleek, polished look every time with these stunning tights. Emilio Cavallini clothing is equally unexpected with daring elements that make your wardrobe feel new again. Chic jumpsuits and catsuits from the brand serve as a base layer under cardigans and skirts. Get ready to shake up the usual look with a dose of texture from this hosiery label. Think fishnets, cool cutouts and micro-web detail for intense texture that looks modern. Throw out the fashion rule book and add sensual whimsy to your wardrobe with these daring tights and bodysuits.
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