Intermix Faliero Sarti

Since 1949, the Faliero Sarti brand has stood for thoughtful implementation of premium materials along with carefully developed production processes, giving the designer a well earned reputation for unique products of high quality. Intermix is proud to offer its clientele the latest from this legendary brand, satisfying their need for premium pieces with exceptional flair, including the signature Faliero Sarti scarf. The Faliero Sarti name spent decades under the full control of its founding designer, and this extensive incubation continues to inform the practices of the design house to this day, incorporating classic silhouettes with unexpected details. The materials used in the house's designs are prized for their outstanding quality, and have served as the canvas for pieces for many of the industry's most celebrated designers such as Giorgio Armani and Donna Karan. Intermix has an extensive selection of styles from this designer, representing one of the premier destinations for Faliero Sarti online.
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