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INTERMIX Helen-kaminski

Reinvent your look with a handwoven hat by Helen Kaminski, available at INTERMIX. Since creating her first hat in 1983, the Australian designer has produced distinct designs with unparalleled craftsmanship, inspired by classic silhouettes and incorporating contemporary elements. A rich heritage of authenticity, innovation and sustainability has resulted in luxe pieces made with the finest raffia from Madagascar in workshops around the world, partnering with local craftsman and using ethically sourced materials. A Helen Kaminski hat is casually sophisticated and expresses personality, showcasing clean lines and rich texture. In addition to the stylistic elements, Helen Kaminski hats and visors are practical pieces that protect you from harsh UV rays when you're out and about. Keep your skin in top form by throwing on a hat that also serves as your outfit's finishing touch. Helen Kaminski fashion never sacrifices function. Instead, the two blend seamlessly together.