INTERMIX Luisa Brini

Whether it's to stay warm or add a vibrant accent to an outfit, Luisa Brini from INTERMIX is a collection of showstopping scarves and wraps that will garner attention. Made in Italy, what makes Luisa Brini scarves stand out is that each piece tells a story through the colors and patterns. Women will find depictions of butterflies, trees, and other symbols of nature, as well as poetic phrases, and hues that range from subtle to energetic. Women can inject a bit of intrigue and character to their wardrobe with the simple addition of a Luisa Brini scarf. Shop our collection for everything from oversize shawls in luxurious knit wool blends that gently caress the body in a layer of warmth, to silk and cotton scarves that adorn the neck like a fine necklace.
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