Intermix Nation Ltd

Designed specifically for the dynamic and fashion conscious women of today, the signature styles of Nation LTD represent the ideal blend of form and function. Designer Jen Menchaca crafts her inspired pieces to bring out the confident, sexy aura of everyday women while consistently delivering the ultimate in comfort with soft, relaxed fits. The premium fabrics that form the base of the line are carefully developed through the craftsmanship of textile experts. These sophisticated items are created specifically for unforgettable feel as well as all day wear, transitioning effortlessly from the office to the weekend without sacrificing the immediate impact that high-end fashion can make on your favorite ensembles. Pieces that delight the tactile senses as well as elevate the visual aesthetic are the core concept of Nation LTD clothing, and Intermix is proud to make this uniquely tailored line a featured offering within our specially curated designer collection.

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