Add a chic touch of bejeweled style to your tech savvy lifestyle with the innovative Ringly line. INTERMIX offers this unique interactive jewelry that seamlessly blends function with fashion. These striking pieces such as the Ringly bracelet or ring feature sleek silhouettes in modern designs that exude versatility. Each one unexpectedly multitasks as wearable tech with discreetly hidden technology behind a beautifully colored semi-precious stone. Ringly jewelry is designed to connect to your phone and customize mobile notifications from multiple apps, emails, texts, calls, fitness milestones and more by notifying you with gentle vibrations or subtle lights. Adorn your wrist with a stylish Ringly smart bracelet to add an eye-catching dose of posh color to an ensemble while effortlessly tracking your steps, distance traveled and even those coveted amounts of burned calories. Shop the unmatched styles of Ringly smart jewelry at INTERMIX and elevate your day-to-day lifestyle with a gorgeous touch of luxe.
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