#InTheStudio with Nili Lotan

#InTheStudio with Nili Lotan

When we got the chance to visit Nili Lotan at her Tribeca studio, we jumped at it. Not only are we big fans of her chic wardrobe essentials, we also happen to know that her showroom is a design feat all its own. The studio space doubles as the brand's retail showroom, and just like her collection, the two spaces are at once minimal, sophisticated and dynamic. Explore the stunning space, plus get the lowdown on Nili's latest collection here.

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You're originally from Israel—how did growing up there influence your designs?
"Growing up in Israel influenced who I who I am at my core. My aesthetic and love of fashion were ingrained in me while I was still living in Israel. When I came to New York 36 years ago, it was so different and there were constantly new sources of inspiration. The city has helped refine my aesthetic and taught me much about the design process."

Your studio in Tribeca is so original, especially the artwork. Are these pieces you chose yourself?
"When I designed my store I wanted it to feel like an art gallery rather than a clothing store. I started with painting an oversized quote on the wall, and then added beautiful lighting. I chose to display only one piece of each style in the collection on the racks to make the shopping experience feel more like visiting a gallery. I also wanted the space to feel serene—adding artwork on the walls helped me create this feeling. Over the years, I have had different artists showcase their work on my store walls. Currently, we're showing Allen Tannenbaum. He lives in our neighborhood and his work really captures the 70s, an era that I love."

Where did you come up with the idea using a parachute create your dressing room?
"The very first collection I created in part referenced the military. So when I was looking for something unconventional to craft the dressing rooms out of, the idea of a parachute came up—and I love it! I took an element out of its context and gave it a new purpose. Now it's used in a peaceful way."

We can't help but notice all of your mood boards. How do you create them?
"I design each of my collections as if it was a story—the mood boards help organize the narrative, develop my ideas and create a visual storyline. I pull inspiration from everywhere—books, postcard, even Instagram."

If you had to choose, what's your favorite piece in your summer collection?
"That's tough, but my favorite piece is the hooded lace–up pullover."

Complete this sentence: In my clothes, I want women to feel...
"...at home."

What are five things that someone visiting Tribeca should see or do?

  1. Walk or run along the Hudson River Park at sunset
  2. Try one of my favorite restaurants: Locanda Verde, Odeon and Mr. Chow
  3. Take a walk down Duane Street
  4. Head to White Street and see the TriBeCa Synagogue designed by William Berger
  5. Stop by the farmer's market on Greenwich Street—it happens every Saturday in the summer

Photos: Justin Ryan Kim

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