#InTheStudio with RE/DONE

#InTheStudio with RE/DONE

When you have a waiting list for your product in the first few month of opening your business, you know you're doing something right. That's where LA–based design house Re/Done found themselves when launching their line of reconstructed vintage denim. Re/Done is able to take the most covetable vintage Levi's and make them even more desirable by reconstructing them in modern silhouettes. Essentially, they're making all of our fantasies come true.

We got a chance to tour the Re/Done studio and chat with its founders Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur about the inspiration behind their line, and what exactly goes into creating a pair of jeans that counts Gigi Hadid and Erin Wasson as fans. Here's what they had to say:

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We love the sustainability aspect of Re/Done. What inspired you to create a business out of it?
Jamie Mazur: "I've always been really passionate about all things vintage, especially denim. Whenever I would see girls wearing vintage Levi's, I was always struck by how much better they looked than in any other jean. The only challenge of working with vintage Levi's is that they're mostly men's sizing that we're trying to fit to a woman's body. The tailoring process is so involved—for every five pairs of jeans you take in, maybe two or three end up wearable. I began to wonder if it was possible to do this tailoring on a large scale, and Sean's long history in the fashion industry made him the perfect person to partner with."

Sean Barron: "We're thrilled to be part of the up–cycling movement in fashion. I think we all have a responsibility to do our part to reduce our waste. Creating a sustainable denim line wasn’t our driving force in creating Re/Done, but it has certainly become one of our core principles that we plan to extend to the rest of our growing product line. Our goal was really to bring individuality back to the premium denim market."

It must be incredible being able to see a product through from beginning to end...
SB: "Because I've worked in fashion for so long, it's really refreshing to be so hands–on with a product. I love being able to work closely with our factory and oversee exactly how things are coming along. The people who work in our factory are true artisans—they're an integral part of the brand and they take pride in their work. This makes all the difference."

What passes your quality test?
JM: "At the end of the day, we're looking for character. Our standards call for quality indigo shades, jeans with colors that contrast heavily, whiskers, tiger stripes, paint splatters, pocket fades that come from cigarette or chewing tobacco packages, frayed button flies and pocket linings, and other signs of wear. We actually have a whole team that spends their time just picking through thousands of jeans to find the most beautiful pairs. We end up rejecting about 30% of what is sent to us because those jeans don't match our high standards."

How long does it take for one pair of Re/Done jeans to come to life?
SB: "That's a tricky question to answer. We can turn out a sample very quickly, but producing jeans on a larger scale can takes weeks depending on the size of the order—even longer if we're working on a new fit. Taking a jean apart and reconstructing it into various fits is no easy task. You could say we're the leading experts on this."

What's your favorite thing about having the factory so close to the offices?
SB: "It makes things so much easier! It creates a team–centered atmosphere where everyone is working towards a shared goal. We're all proud of what we are creating at Re/Done. Plus, living in LA certainly cuts down on the time we spend commuting."