#InTheStudio with Tim Ryan

#InTheStudio with Tim Ryan

Looking around Tim Ryan's London–based studio is not unlike peering into a room through a kaleidoscope. Nearly every piece that fills the room is finished in Ryan's signature rainbow coloring: the couches are covered in candy–colored quilts, spools of bright yarn are on every surface and, of course, Ryan's knit jackets line the walls. The Ireland native is making waves in the fashion world with his signature, handmade pieces, turning traditional concepts of construction on their heads and effectively reinventing knitwear. We caught up with the designer to get the scoop on everything from his collection of Spanish dolls to the influence his playlists have on his designs.

So you're not originally from London—how has the city that you now call home influenced your brand as a whole?
"To be honest, I'm not sure that it has too much. I think that as an outsider, my design has a much more international feel than a London–centric one. I think that's what women from all over the world are relating to."

How did you get started in knitwear?
"Growing up, my mother and sisters knitted a lot so there were always fabric scraps around the house. I was always experimenting with bits of yarn and making things—this grew into creating my own designs, and eventually I began selling my pieces."

Each design must take a while. Do you have a playlist that you play specifically while knitting?
"Yes! Every single fringe is applied individually, so without great music, I would definitely lose my mind. My playlist includes everyone from Alla Pugacheva to Googoosh to Chavela Vargas to Courtney Love to Kate Bush."

Tell us about your different knickknacks around your studio...
"The Spanish Dolls are an obsession from childhood that never went away—I even have a recurring dream about finding new ones. I just love the fake Wedgwood Dialene pots because they remind me of home."

What makes your studio fit to create your specific pieces? "The space is deliberately warm, comfortable and crafty with lots of crochet and sparkly stuff. The industrial brick walls still lend an urban city edge, though. I like my garments to reflect that same dichotomy–luxurious and comfortable, but still clearly intended for grown–up nights out. I love that it can so easily transform from a reasonably calm working environment on a Friday evening to a fun space for chatting just by throwing out a sequin blanket. Or ten."