#OffDuty with Carolina Ritz

#OffDuty with Carolina Ritz

Carolina Ritz is the designer who has single handedly cornered the market on sexy and sophisticated jumpsuits. I's evident that she designs for someone strong and capable—a woman who's always on the move, not unlike Carolina herself. The designer has made her home in Paris and splits her time between her studio space and her family home. To find out how Carolina balances it all, we spent 72 #OffDuty hours with the designer in the City of Lights.

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"The first stop of the morning is at my showroom on rue Saint–Martin. I'm a bit spoiled with a beautiful view of the city."

"As soon as I've had my first coffee, work can begin. Right now I'm working on sourcing and selecting materials for my upcoming collection."

"I'm always in a hurry! Hailing a taxi is a daily occurrence."

"Coming home to my three children, Lambert, Margaux and Brune, is one of the best parts of my day. Giggling fits on the floor is not at all unusual—which I love."

"Prepping dinner with the kids may be chaotic, but it's perfect. The glamour of fashion is wonderful, but it's not everything."

"My children are such a source of inspiration for me. They keep things spontaneous and playful, and remind me never to take things too seriously."

"My happy place: at home with my kids."

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