#OffDuty with Zuzana Gregorova

#OffDuty with Zuzana Gregorova

All it takes is one look at Zuzana Gregorova to realize that the model definitely knows how to work the camera. The Slovakian–born beauty can be seen rocking summer's trends for INTERMIX, and not only is she a total pro, she's also a joy to hang out with. Watching Zuzana work her magic, we can't help but wonder what a model like her does on her day off. Hint: You might have a lot more in common with her than you would've guessed.

"I prefer to start my days early, usually around 6 or 7 a.m. When I'm craving some inspiration and feeling creative, I stop by the Cheslea Flower Market on 28th Street in Manhattan and get a bunch of flowers, greenery and branches to play around with later in the day. I love to make floral arrangements for my home and my friends. I also like grabbing coffee at A Little Taste."

"Next up is my workout. I like to mix things up and switch between boxing at Aerospace, Tae Kwon Do, Pilates and running classes at Mile High Run Club. I always try to go with friends to make it more fun."

"On weekends, my girlfriends and I will do a late brunch, picnic-style, at Central Park. We just chill on blankets, eat some snacks, drink some wine and talk for hours. It's such a great way to 'escape the city' for a bit."

"In the late afternoon, my Siberian Husky Shay and I will spend time together at the dog park. Those moemnts are priceless."

"I don't like to stay up too late at night. Usually I'll prepare a light dinner and have my masseuse come over for a relaxing evening. When I want to spice things up, I like to go out and dance my heart out. Lately I've been enjoying salsa dancing at Kaña Tapas Bar."