#ShoesDay Designer Spotlight

#ShoesDay Designer Spotlight

We're constantly updating our roster of designers with some of the most talented newcomers and must–have brands out there. This season, we're thrilled to bring you a slew of inspiring new shoe designers taking inspiration from around the globe. Today, we're highlighting three of our favorites in our #ShoesDay Spotlight series. Get to know Alexander White, Sanchita and Malone Souliers—the names you're about to see everywhere.

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Alexander White, Creative Director of Alexander White

  • Great style in three words: Confidence, elegance and flair.
  • The perfect end to a long day is: Watching TV in the bath with a good drink in my hand.
  • The perfect start to the day involves: Sleeping in, a long breakfast and a great session in the gym. It's the same way I start my vacations.
  • Your dream dinner party guest is: Edie Beale. I recently re–watched Grey Gardens for the first time in years, and I love her vivacity and unique style.
  • Three things currently inspiring me are: Joan Crawford, 1960s couture and ruffles. I'm currently in the process of designing for my spring 2017 collection and am completely fixated by these things.
  • Twitter or Instagram? Always Instagram (@alexanderwhiteltd). I've never been a fan of Twitter as I'm quite private. Instagram allows for a snapshot into your life without divulging too much.

Mary Alice Malone, Creative Director of Malone Souliers

  • Seeing Lupita Nyong'o wearing my shoes was: Awe–inspiring. It's really humbling to see such a fantastic human in my designs.
  • Describe your relationship with fashion in three words: Amused, critical, challenged.
  • I want women to feel like a better version of themselves in my shoes.
  • My secret to success is: My business partner Roy Luwolt, who lets me create to my heart's desire, but who also protects me.
  • Italians have perfected the art of: Craftsmanship obedient to the laws of luxury!
  • The next place I'm traveling is: All across, under and above Far East Asia.

Sanchita Ajjampur, Creative Director of Sanchita

  • Growing up, I was most inspired by: The five senses (I still am!).
  • The perfect end to a long day is: In the words of 80s reggae band UB40, "Red, red wine..."
  • The perfect start to the day involves: Freedom from traditional constraints, matcha tea and oxygen.
  • The woman I most want to see wearing my shoes is: Fueled by boundless curiosity and a love for both experimentation and innovative solutions.
  • I would never dream of traveling without: Things that are irreplaceable, like my daughters' drawings and poems.
  • Three things currently inspiring me are: Everything from new fabrics to new technologies and the art of handcrafting.

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