How INTERMIX's Fashion Director Predicts the Next Big Denim Trend

How INTERMIX's Fashion Director Predicts the Next Big Denim Trend

Few wardrobe staples are as deeply personal as denim—just ask, oh, any woman on the planet. While each of us has a pair of go–to blues that make us feel the most like ourselves, these influencers take jean obsession to the next level. All week long, we'll be sharing their stories (and closets, collections, and a lifetime of hard-earned frayed hems), so you'll be inspired to #LiveInDenim, too.

When it comes to denim, our Fashion Director Gia Ghezzi is obsessed—and even that's an understatement. She's devoted what some would consider an unreasonable amount of precious NYC–apartment real estate to accommodating her collection (136 pairs and counting) and is constantly on the search for the next best pair. What sets her collection apart, though, is the breadth of styles. From drop–crotch to fringed to everything in between, Gia has a knack for always showing up in the next big trend in denim. What's her secret to making everyone in the office perpetually jealous of her style? We found out.

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This goes without saying, but you have the most enviable denim wardrobe in the whole office. What's your process like for styling your denim pieces?
"To me, denim is extremely versatile, always a staple and is very personal—I've been collecting it for years. I style my looks based on my moods, so it's always slightly changing. Sometimes I'll want to rock high–rise dark denim with over–the–knee boots and a captains' jacket. Other times, I'll do denim with sneakers, a tee and a blazer—it changes."

You always seem to have a pulse on the next best thing in denim. How do you distinguish between a trend and a fad?
"Typically, a fad is a bit more novel and is very specific to a season—it lasts for only a short moment in time. Take acid–wash denim for example—which, for the record, I've always loved—it's hot for literally three months max and then quickly dies overnight. Fads will always be more emotional and make more of a statement. On the other hand, a trend has more longevity and is usually a few years in the making. Skinny jeans are the best example of a trend—they were introduced ten years ago and have now become a staple in every woman's wardrobe. Gradually, everyone caught onto them."

With that said, which denim looks are you most looking forward to seeing this season?
"There are two that I'm super excited about. First up, is the ankle–crop flare which has been trending for a few seasons now. As long as the fit is dead–on, this style can be really flattering on people. Showing a touch of that ankle bone is key for me. I'm also stoked about the straight, slouchy boyfriend—this one definitely has attitude. I love pairing slouchier jeans with feminine pieces."

You're a New Yorker through–and–through. How has living in the city influenced your style?
"I'm fortunate enough to witness the evolution of fashion and see how it affects the way people dress themselves—this allows me to readily have my finger on the pulse. Regardless of whether what I'm seeing is my style or not, I'm constantly being influenced and inspired. What I love the most is the personalization of fashion."

We're dying for your fringed denim jacket. We have to know where you found it?
"It's from Alix of Bohemia—I love it too! She's a super talented young designer who makes stunning standout jackets! They're all one–of–a–kind pieces done in vibrant colors and rich textures—each one is more beautiful than the next."

What do you look for when buying a new pair of jeans—are you most concerned with the fit or the style?
"To be entirely honest, I buy denim very differently than most people. I'm very emotional when it comes to denim and when I put on a pair that I love, I just have to have them. It's usually based on style or how I imagine them being styled in my head. 9 out of 10 times they do not fit me. I sometimes go through two or three rounds of tailoring until they're just right—when they are, they're totally worth it. My tailor loves me, but I know I'm in PITA with my denim."

We love that you're able to make basic denim feel elevated and chic. What's your advice for styling an evening denim look?
"Never be afraid to mix denim with dressier items—it evokes an understated, sexy confidence that feels natural. A good go–to is a slouchy ankle–cropped boyfriend jean with a silky or sparkly cami, a chic strong–shoulder blazer, your favorite pumps and a clutch. Done and done."

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