How Rajni Jacques Wears Denim With Everything

How Rajni Jacques Wears Denim With Everything

Few wardrobe staples are as deeply personal as denim—just ask, oh, any woman on the planet. While each of us has a pair of go–to blues that make us feel the most like ourselves, these influencers take jean obsession to the next level. All week long, we'll be sharing their stories (and closets, collections, and a lifetime of hard–earned frayed hems), so you'll be inspired to #LiveInDenim, too.

Fashion and Editorial Creative Director and Racked Editor at Large, Rajni Jacques, is a denim enthusiast through–and–through. We know this because she's identified herself as one on her Instagram profile, even going so far as to create her own hashtag—#rajnidenim—dedicated solely to her head–to–toe denim looks. Obviously, we had to get to know more about the woman who takes denim–dressing to the next level—did we mention she'll be wearing denim to the Met Ball? Here's how Rajni lives in denim from day to night.

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Can you recall the one piece that made you denim obsessed?
"When I started junior high school, the majority of my back–to–school shopping was done at vintage stores. One Sunday I went to Antique Boutique in the city (which sadly does not exist anymore) where you could shop by the pound. I bought this Jordache A–line skirt and these men's Levi's with paint splatter on them—those two pieces had me hooked. From there I was always on the hunt for denim, from vintage to the very new."

You wear denim for everything—so how do you dress it up?
"Easy: I put on a red lip and a heel. My favorite thing to do is wear a fancy dress over denim. It's just the right amount of Rajni!"

You're about to be a mom (congrats!). How has this changed how you dress?
"Honestly, I have not changed much, but ask me that same question in a month and I might have a different story! I still wear my baggy jeans and I have two pairs of stretchy, high waisted jeans that still seem to fit over my growing bump. I also feel like my style has always been casual, so it lends itself perfectly to my new look."

Is there anyone or anything that's been inspiring your maternity style as of late?
"My inspiration varies from old pics of my mom in the 70s to pics of Diana Ross in a T shirt and jeans. I want to look as close to #TBT Rajni as I possibly can. I don't want to dress completely different from who I am and what I am about."

Your #DenimAndARedLip hashtag is amazing. What's your go–to lip color?
"Oh man, I love them all. NARS makes so many great shades, and Mac's Ruby Woo is always on rotation."

Challenge: You're going to this year's Met Ball. What do you wear? Would you still wear denim?
"Um...yes. A fancy dress with a little give so I can throw on a pair of Levi's underneath. One time I went ot the Chanel resort show in Versailles and I wore this beautiful Chanel gown that cut off just below the knees. In order for me to make it more 'me', I wore a pair of right ripped jeans underneath. I got a lot of compliments that day!"

How picky are you about fit?
"I either like a mom–jean, high–waist style to show off my figure or a baggy boyfriend that I can just chill in. I actually don't like stretch at all, so finding a pair that fits every point of my body can be hard, but the chase for that dream always keeps me on the lookout."

And your shoes seem to play a big role. Do you start there first?
"Sometimes my outfit starts with a specific shoe and then I pick the perfect jean for that—and sometimes it's the other way around. But if I wear a baggy pair, I'm more inclined to wear a heel to make it a bit sexier."

What's the piece you're most proud of?
"All of them. I wouldn't give up on any one of them because each piece has a place in my wardrobe. I might neglect a pair for a couple of months, but when I rediscover it again, I'll wear the hell out of it. So each piece always gets a lot of love from me."

Photos: David M. Cortes

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