How Three Travel-Pro Designers Pack for an Island Getaway

How Three Travel-Pro Designers Pack for an Island Getaway

When it comes to packing for a trip, there are generally two kinds of people: Those who can effortlessly fit an entire week's worth of clothing into a tidy, chic carry–on, and those who simply cannot. We won't divulge which category we fall into, but with the winter season in full–swing and tropical getaways top–of–mind, we decided to reach out to the professionals for some travel tips and tricks. Three of our favorite expert–travel designers break down how they prep and pack for their ideal winter escape.

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Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves of Marysia
"My family and I are headed to the Big Island, Hawaii. I've only been to Maui and Oahu, so I'm excited to see a different part of Hawaii. A friend of mine told me that the Four Seasons Hualalai is the best place to stay, and it's close to the airport so there's less travel time."

"I've found that the best way to pack is to plan out what I'll need for each day of the trip. For the most part, I pack lots of swimwear and summery pieces in solid colors or simple prints. I'm not into wild and busy looks on myself. My go–to cover–up is the El Matador tunic."

"Whenever I fly I make sure to bring my flight essentials: compression socks, a cashmere blanket and pillow and RMS coconut wipes. I prefer to wear minimal makeup when traveling; I feel like my skin is protected with just a light foundation. Before landing, I wash my face with a coconut wipe, refresh my makeup and apply mascara. Coconut wipes are great because they're multi–purpose. You can rinse your mouth with the oil (have you heard of oil pulling?), they have some SPF properties, they're antibacterial and antifungal, and they can soothe a sunburn. I also like to fill in my eyebrows so that even if I'm not wearing mascara, my light eyes have a little frame to them."

Kimberly Hartman of JADEtribe
"I try to travel somewhere new every year. After designing my new collection in Thailand this month, I'm off to Costa Carayes in Mexico to celebrate the New Year with a close group of friends. We're looking forward to lazy days on the beach, intimate dinners with friends under the stars and maybe even a polo match."

"My vacation style is beachy, bohemian and barefoot–chic. You'll always find Bose noise cancelling headphones (perfect for long distance flights), my iPad with new books, my handwoven beach bag and my favorite cover–up, the JADEtribe Yasmine dress in white with orange embroidery in my bag."

"I try to combat the drying effect of airplanes by moisturizing and drinking lots of water. I bring my pillow, cashmere wrap, eye mask and headphones so that I can sleep comfortably on long journeys. I like to use clear plastic zip travel bags to organize and protect my clothing from any liquid leaks. My advice is to always pack a bikini, a cover–up and flip flops in your carry on. If your luggage is ever delayed, you can still relax at the beach. But I'm still checking a bag—I'm a maximum capacity traveler!"

Rebecca Hessel Cohen of LOVESHACKFANCY
"My family's holiday travels will be a little different this year because I just had my second baby girl right before Thanksgiving. This year, we're splitting our vacation time between Tulum and Miami. I've been to Tulum many times before and always end up staying at Coqui Coqui. Tulum is a very special place to me. This time I get to bring my two and a half–year old daughter and I really can't wait to show her around. In Miami, we stay at the Soho Beach House. The hotel is perfection and you basically never need to leave."

"My travel style is always very bohemian with lots of white cotton and lace. Touches of embroidery and color, especially when I'm visiting places like Brazil and Uruguay, are my go–to. My favorite beach cover–up is a vintage, white Victorian dress that I bring with me everywhere. We just recreated it for our resort collection! You'll also always find Ray Ban aviators, Lanvin wedges and LOVESHACKFANCY pieces in my bag."

"I try to pack in a somewhat organized way—sometimes by outfit, sometimes by destination. I'm often traveling to two places in one trip. To beat jet–lag, I advise lots of white wine and water the moment I land! Just have fun and don't think about being tired. There's no time to rest when you're visiting such exciting and inspiring places."

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