Inside Lana’s Jewelry Box

Inside Lana’s Jewelry Box

Looking through designer Lana Bramlette's personal jewelry collection is the equivalent of discovering jewelry #goals. She seems to have a piece for any occasion, but her assortment still feels edited down to the very best versatile styles—every piece, no matter how simple, packs a punch. Here are her secrets to curating a stylish collection that works for you.

We know it's hard to pick just one, but which piece of jewelry do you think you wear the most?
"Hoops! For more than a decade, I've been known as the Queen of Hoops because I design them in every shape and size. More than 100,000 women own my classic Upside–Down hoops! I love that they never go out of style and can add a cool–girl finish to any outfit. Plus, they makes you look modern and youthful."

And what's the one piece you've owned the longest?
"My engagement ring. My husband proposed with just a diamond. He told me, 'I knew you were going to want to put your own spin on it, so go crazy', and I did. I added two trillions around a radiant–cushion, making the shape look unique around an all diamond band."

So jealous! So how do you go about choosing which pieces you'd like to wear when you're getting ready in the morning?
"I usually have a favorite in–season necklace or hoop that I wear non–stop until I find my next favorite. Right now it's the Twist Arch Hoops and the Nude Lariat."

Any tips for keeping your jewelry organized?
"Our velvet pouches and leather boxes come with every piece of jewelry, and both my purse and vanity are filled with them. Leaving jewelry exposed in a jewelry box can lead to scratches and tangles, so I prefer to hang them or leave just a few pieces in a dish at a time."

What's your motto when it comes to layering jewelry?
"Less is more. And by that, I mean less clothes, more jewelry."

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