Inside Rachael Wang's Enviable Denim Collection

Inside Rachael Wang's Enviable Denim Collection

Few wardrobe staples are as deeply personal as denim—just ask, oh, any woman on the planet. While each of us has a pair of go–to blues that make us feel the most like ourselves, these influencers take jean obsession to the next level. All week long, we'll be sharing their stories (and closets, collections, and a lifetime of hard–earned frayed hems), so you'll be inspired to #LiveInDenim, too.

Of all the things one can collect, beautiful, cool denim pieces are probably (definitely) the chicest. So when we heard through the grapevine that Allure Fashion Director Rachael Wang has an incredible collection herself, we had to see it for ourselves. And we were not disappointed with what we found. Each of her pieces is either decidedly rare, impeccably–made or simply stunning—most are all three. It was clear that not only is there a story behind every piece, but that each piece feels uniquely personal to Rachael. Here's the inside scoop on her enviable collection.

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Your collection ranges from vintage and patched to this season's must–have pieces. What about a pair of denim jeans makes you fall in love with them?
"I really love jeans with character and the fit must be impeccable."

As Allure's Fashion Director, you're constantly in–the–know about the latest denim trends. What keeps you coming back to vintage?
"I have fun with different cuts and washes, but in a lot of ways I'm a denim purist. I love denim in the form that it was created: five perfectly placed pockets, no–stretch cotton indigo that molds to your body and lifestyle over time. Each pair tells a story and I'm just a sucker for that."

You have so many amazing pieces. Where do you find everything—are you a vintage warehouse shopper or a boutique shopper?
"I'm perpetually in search of the illusive perfect pair. But I look everywhere, especially when I travel. I stroll flea markets, pop into second–hand shops, flip through racks at high end boutiques—it doesn't matter. I just love the thrill of the chase."

If you could only keep just one, which pair of jeans would you choose?
"Would you ask a mother to choose between her kids?!"

We can't take our eyes off of the jeans with embroidered roses. Is there a story behind them?
"I'm sure there is, but unfortunately it doesn't belong to me! I found them at a Nifty Thrifty vintage warehouse sale and had been lovingly patched up by a previous owner."

Your top three rules when buying denim are...

  1. The rise should really flatter your body. For example, I prefer a higher rise because it defines my waist.
  2. Size down when buying non–stretch denim, as it tends to stretch out a bit as you wear it.
  3. They better make your bum look great!

Some of your pieces are truly rare. Are there any you won't wear out of the house?
"Oh I'm not precious about my denim. They only get better with age anyhow. I'll take the chance of wearing each pair until it disintegrates."

Photos: David M. Cortes

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