Maya Jankelowitz Is the Unofficial Queen of Denim Overalls

Maya Jankelowitz Is the Unofficial Queen of Denim Overalls

Few wardrobe staples are as deeply personal as denim—just ask, oh, any woman on the planet. While each of us has a pair of go–to blues that make us feel the most like ourselves, these influencers take jean obsession to the next level. All week long, we'll be sharing their stories (and closets, collections, and a lifetime of hard-earned frayed hems), so you'll be inspired to #LiveInDenim, too.

If you're like us and you frequent Jack's Wife Freda on a regular basis, then you've probably noticed the restaurant's chic owner Maya Jankelowitz chatting up guests and wearing some iteration of denim overalls. Whether paint–splattered and worn, or dark–wash and fitted–overalls truly are Maya's second skin. We caught up with NYC's resident denim-expert and restauranteur to get her take on personal style and to find out how overalls became her uniform.

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Most people would say that boyfriend jeans or skinnies are their essentials. So, how did denim overalls become your go–to?
"I used to paint until I had my first son, and I used to wear a vintage pair all the time as my comfy, at–home outfit. Eventually I braved up and started to wear them out of the house and they quickly became my weekend uniform."

What's special about the pair you're wearing in these photos? "I think I got them these RedRock overalls during my time in the military in Israel—which was a really long time ago. I don't have many pieces left from that period of my life, so they all feel extra special to me. They're like my version of sweatpants. I used to only wear them around the house or when running short errands, but recently I started wearing them everywhere."

Many would say that they can't pull overalls off. Your advice to these people would be...
"Only wear what you feel you can pull off. Be comfortable and don't pay attention to the trends."

So when did you have that moment when you thought, "Yes! I've found my uniform."
"For a long time, I only had this one style. I hadn't seen that many overalls until soon after we opened the first Jack's Wife Freda and I met Leandra Medine. When we met, she was wearing those classic Stella McCartney overalls from her book cover—I was totally inspired me to get the same pair. In my eyes, she is the reason overalls had a huge comeback. Ever since then, it feels like overalls are available everywhere. I'm hooked!"

And if you could design your dream pair of overalls, what would they look like? "Maybe if someone like Rei Kawakubo or Junya Watanabe made a pair...that would be even better than anything I could dream up!"

Plus, a few more looks from Maya's Instagram:

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