Street-Style Superlatives: MFW

Street-Style Superlatives: MFW

We're back for another round of awards for this season's standout looks—this time from the Italian style sirens of Milan. And the winners are...

Biggest superstars
We're not just talking about Italian editors or off–duty models: celestial patterns give a whole new meaning to street–style star this season.

Most likely to have a secret stash
Rounded, cocoon silhouettes may be adored for their clean, rounded shape, but we give bonus points for the ability to conceal extra layers.

Best mix of business and pleasure
Menswear suiting with an unapologetically feminine twist had us reworking our 9–to–5 wardrobe and looking at Monday mornings in a new light.

Best global inspiration
Several show–goers made us want to go around the world searching for intricate, Eastern–influenced patterns similar to the ones we saw in MFW round–ups.