Summer-Ready Hair

Summer-Ready Hair

Lizzie Arneson is not just a master stylist—she is a master of effortlessly–chic beach hair that we all want. She's worked with everyone from Interview Magazine to Glossier, and is known for her mastery of the messy–chic model hair we all crave. And for our Summer 2016 Look Book, Lizzie created three looks perfect for taking on intense heat and humidity (even on the set of our shoot in Panama!). Here's how she did it:

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The Tousled Wave
"For perfectly tousled waves, start by separating your hair into 2–3 inch horizontal sections. Then, carefully brush out any knots using a wide tooth comb and generously spritz it with your favorite sea–salt spray. Once you're done sectioning and spritzing, flip your head upside"down and give your hair a little scrunch. Bring it back up, tuck behind your ears and let it air dry. From here, you can easily throw up into a textured top knot. Speaking of..."

The Top Knot
"Flip your head over and secure a nice high pony tail with a tight hair elastic—don't worry about making it to perfect, a few bumps and lumps are nice and add texture. Next, pull a few strands out around your face to soften the hairline and add an effortless, feminine vibe. Finally, twist the ponytail until it buckles and secure it with a pin. Don't be afraid to let the ends stick out a bit!"

The Scarf Wrap
"The secret to wearing a head scarf is making sure that you fold the scarf itself neatly and evenly. Personally, I prefer a lot of texture in the hair to contrast a silky smooth scarf. Once you've folded the scarf in thirds, place it on your forehead and tie in just off—center back under your occipital bone—enough so you can see a little of the scarf from the front."