The Canadian Tuxedo 2.0

The Canadian Tuxedo 2.0

We know we're not alone when we say that we love a good Canadian Tuxedo. From Britney and Justin's unforgettable (read: scarring) coordinating denim looks circa 2001 to an iconic portrait of Sade, there's no denying that head–to–toe denim dressing has made its mark on fashion history.

This spring, the denim–on–denim look is back and is more chic than ever. Whether you want to rock the look subtly, boldly or somewhere in–between, we have three looks to suit your style.

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With a little bit of denim...
For those looking to try the head–to–toe denim look without going all the way, pair your jeans with a soft and lightweight chambray shirt—this one from Nili Lotan is perfect.

...with a little more...
Upgrade your jeans–and–tee uniform by throwing on a denim jacket. Make it feel modern by pairing dark–washed jeans with a lighter–washed jacket.

...full–on denim dedication
Arguably our favorite, this look says that you're denim obsessed. It's timeless and effortless, while at the same time completely chic.