The Story Behind IRO's Leather Jacket

The Story Behind IRO's Leather Jacket

When IRO co–founders and brothers Arik and Laurent Bitton set out to design their label's effortless, yet sophisticated leather jackets, they had one thing in mind: Every jacket had to have that buttery vintage feel, like a jacket that had already been worn–in. Here's how they perfected that design over time.

Class Act
As former music industry vets, the brothers were heavily inspired by the style of New York Dolls guitarist Tommy Thunders.

Old Is New Again
Arik and Laurent looked to vintage motorcycle jackets from the '70s and '80s to recreate the iconic rock 'n' roll feel seen in all IRO's leather jacket styles. They key to capturing that vibe? Slightly oversized, weighty hardware that make each piece feel extra luxurious.

Washed Out
While coloring on each jacket remains consistent, multiple rounds of washing are used on each style to achieve those signature worn–in edges. The result is the perfect balance of casual and chic.

Fit Is Everything
It's all about creating something for the ideal IRO girl: Fun and flirty with a tough side, but always chic. The fitted shape has set the foundation for many of IRO's styles.

Keep It Close
While Arik heads the design team in creating each jacket, he works with a small, intimate team back in Paris to make sure no detail goes unnoticed. To date, the team has spent 10 years creating hundreds of unique leather jacket styles fo rthe brand.

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