We Tried It: Denim Myths and Tips

We Tried It: Denim Myths and Tips

As anyone dedicated to denim can attest, there seems to be an exceptionally large number of tips and tricks floating around on how to care for your beloved pieces. Often, though, this advice comes with a caveat—that is, the person giving it has never actually tested their own tip. So we polled the INTERMIX team to find out if three of the craziest tips we've heard are actually tips or, sadly, myths. Here's what we found:

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TIP #1: Never put your jeans in the dryer

"I always dry my jeans and they shrink to fit like new. A couple of squats in your jeans will help provide some stretch!" —Amanda Surette, Executive Assistant

"I never ever dry my jeans! I always hang them on a rack to air dry which helps maintain the original wash and the fit!" —Jane Lee, Associate Producer

"This is one rule I always oblige by. I'm a believer in that it preserves the wash and lifespan of the denim. I've had some staple pieces for years now that haven't seen the signs of aging and I'm convinced it's due to letting them dry naturally." —Alexa Kalaghchi, Assistant Buyer

THE VERDICT: Pro tip, depending on how you like your jeans to fit

TIP #2: Put your denim in the freezer to wash it

"I swear by this one! Your jeans keep their shape better and they give you that icy–fresh feeling." —Remi Betesh, Sample Coordinator

"I've never tried this one...and I'm not that interested in trying it. I only machine wash my jeans when I have a reason to, and when I do, I use the most gentle cycle possible and turn them inside out to minimize color loss." —Erica Chen, E–mail Marketing Associate

"When my leather needs a little clean–up, I always throw it in the freezer and a few days later it comes out fitting like a glove!" —Katie White, Associate Buyer

THE VERDICT: Pro tip, but washing your pair using a gentle cycle doesn't hurt

TIP #3: Wrap the waistband of pair of jeans around your neck to find your best fit

"Not too good to be true! I caught my friend doing this in public once and was totally caught off guard. But now that I know just how well this trick works, it's the first thing I do when looking for the perfect pair." —Monica Freeman, Associate Editorial Director

"I swear by this! When I'm out shopping, I'm far too impatient to wait in line for a dressing room—so I always fall back on this trick. So far, it hasn't steered me wrong." —Paige Zanelli, Social Media Specialist

"I love this trick. It saves you so much time when you're shopping for denim because sometimes you're just too lazy to try things on. This way, you can buy jeans that fit perfectly in half the time." —Kristen Lam, Associate Manager of Digital Content

THE VERDICT: Pro tip all around