"In Conversation With Women Weekly interviews, monthly topics  Now, more than ever, it is time to amplify important female voices and to empower each other through shared experience. And so we've created a platform for women to tell their stories and a space where we can listen and learn from them.  If the past several months have taught us anything, it's that coming together is the path forward. As such, we've dedicated the month of November to conversations on the subject of COMMUNITY—from stories of sisterhood to what it looks like to take responsibility for those around us."
"Claire Wasserman and Ashley Louise  If you are furious that in 2020 a wage gap still exists—most noticeably for Latin women who make a staggering 58 cents on the dollar compared to white men—you’re not alone. Let us introduce you to Claire Wasserman and Ashley Louise, the women behind the online community and global network Ladies Get Paid. They know first-hand what it’s like to be treated as less than compared to their male colleagues, and they’re here not only to ensure other women feel less alone in those experiences, but also to empower them to advocate for what they absolutely deserve—as it relates to money or otherwise. See what they have to say on this month's topic, COMMUNITY.   Q: Claire, tell us about the work experience that became the catalyst for starting Ladies Get Paid?  A: I went to this advertising festival in the South of France and it was very glamorous but something happened there that forever changed my life. I walked into a party and this older guy comes up to me, sticks out his hand and says, “Who’s wife are you?” In this moment, I realized, when I thought the workplace was a meritocracy, that I was just as powerful as men…no, these guys were looking as sort of less than."
"Q: So you organized your first event. What power did you see in founding this community? That event, it was like a champagne cork flying off a bottle. There was this immense energy I felt these women had kept bottled inside, but the minute they were surrounded by hundreds of other women it gave them permission to be vulnerable with each other.   Q: Ashley, you were part of the community before becoming a cofounder. What was the experience that brought you to Ladies Get Paid?  A: I was working at a tech job in New York City and had the probably relatable but also unfortunate situation of finding out that the man that I replaced at my job made twice as much money as me. I thought I was doing some of the best work of my career and to find out that I was so undervalued at a company that I really cared about was truly devastating.  Q: Why money? Women have been so systemically boxed out of the conversation around finance and money. It’s so important for us to create an environment where women feel comfortable talking about money. The important first step for women to get financially equal to men is to get more comfortable talking about it with their friends and their coworkers. "
"That recognition that you’re not the only one—that was powerful.” Claire Wasserman"
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