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  • Rodeo Leather Crossbody Bag, BLACK, hi-res


    Rodeo Leather Crossbody Bag
    Golden Goose Rodeo Leather Crossbody Bag
    Standard Price$860

  • Houston Woven Leather Belt, BROWN, hi-res


    Standard Price$290

  • Rodeo Suede Crossbody Bag, BROWN, hi-res


    Standard Price$860

  • Dallas Studded Suede Belt, BROWN, hi-res


    Standard Price$310

  • Journey Embroidered Denim Baseball Cap, BLUE-LT, hi-res


    Journey Embroidered Denim Baseball Cap
    Golden Goose Journey Embroidered Denim Baseball Cap
    Standard Price$180


Self-proclaimed fashion “outsiders” Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, the well-traveled husband and wife phenomenon behind Golden Goose’s worldwide success story, evidently struck a chord with fashion insiders back in 2000. What once began as a distant dream to fuse their travels, memories, and Italian craftsmanship in Venice eventually became an internationally acclaimed label that spanned all ends of the globe–finding a home in Los Angeles skateparks and A-lister closets alike.


Unorthodox to the world of luxury fashion, the brand has garnered a groupie following for its skate-inspired sneakers breathed with an already lived-in, second-hand touch. Think beaten, distressed leather and soles markered with mottos and hopeless-romantic remarks. Ah, therein lies the anomaly of it all: imperfect products for high-street price tags. But, then again, the Golden Goose product was never meant to be perfect. In fact, the couple commissioned the brand with the exact opposite intention–to put to rest any misconceptions that fashion has to be perfect and rules-abiding for it to be meaningful or worthwhile.


Despite its bread and butter, the label isn’t all sneakers and scuffs. The Italian outfitter has also made its sartorial mark on men’s and women’s ready to wear and accessories, too. Whether it’s a leather moto jacket or a varsity tracksuit, Golden Goose’s designer clothing tends to pull influences from collegiate America, Italian street fashion and–well, of course–skate culture. Utilizing distressed leather, shredded denim, frayed hems and fatigued washes, the label ensures its inimitable insouciant attitude shines through on everything with a Golden Goose tag.


Clearly, its cultish patrons get the gist, regularly selling out many of its rack items. The styles in question, you ask? Just about all of Golden Goose’s designer jackets and clothing and Golden Goose’s designer shoes–more specifically, classic shearling-lined low-top Superstars, vintage-flavored high-top Francy silhouettes in sparkly glitter, and its sustainable Yatay models. Lest we forget about the brand’s must-have accessories, too. As if its inimitable aesthetic wasn’t reason enough to hop on the GG train, the brand’s pinky-promised artisanal touch and storied Italian artistry will make the ticket to ride impossible to pass up. From the early naughties to now, Gallo and Rinaldo’s brand concept has been plainly simple. They wanted it to emulate life in all of its flawed glory, imparting a unique wisdom to its wearers with each transaction: to be golden is not to be perfect, but rather to be authentically yourself, scuffs and all. With that, go be Golden.