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  • Marina Cotton Eyelet Dress, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Marina Cotton Eyelet Dress","id":"LD426-414-MARINA","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $395 $279
  • Avery Mixed Print Top, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Avery Mixed Print Top","id":"LT539-431-AVERYMIX","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $295 $189
  • Lisette Silk High-Low Skirt, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Lisette Silk High-Low Skirt","id":"LS192-431-LISETTE","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}

    Online Only

    $595 $419
  • Belle Smocked Cotton Dress, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Belle Smocked Cotton Dress","id":"LD563-419-BELLE","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $395 $279
  • Molly Smocked Cotton Top, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Molly Smocked Cotton Top","id":"LT351-419-MOLLY","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}

    Online Only

    $275 $169
  • Harbor Floral Bikini Bottom, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Harbor Floral Bikini Bottom","id":"LW014-440-HARBOR-MULTI","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $130 $59
  • Hannah Floral Silk Ruffled Dress, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Hannah Floral Silk Ruffled Dress","id":"LD559-430-HANNAH","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}

    Hannah Floral Silk Ruffled Dress

    LoveShackFancy Hannah Floral Silk Ruffled Dress
    $495 $339
  • Lena Ballad Mini Dress, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Lena Ballad Mini Dress","id":"LD390-472-LENA-MULTI","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $365 $259
  • India Striped Voile Dress, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"India Striped Voile Dress","id":"LD510-428","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $375 $259
  • Andy Voile Floral Dress, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Andy Voile Floral Dress","id":"LD564-434-ANDIE","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $495 $349
  • Andie Silk Midi Dress, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Andie Silk Midi Dress","id":"LD564-430-ANDIE","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $625 $429
  • Nellie Bluejay Silk Top, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Nellie Bluejay Silk Top","id":"LT119-431-NELLIE-EXCL","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}


    $325 $229
  • Bluejay Silk Ruffle Mini Skirt, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Bluejay Silk Ruffle Mini Skirt","id":"LS002-431-EXCL","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}


    $345 $249
  • Palm Ruffle Floral Bikini Top, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Palm Ruffle Floral Bikini Top","id":"LW013-421-PALM-TOP","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $145 $69
  • Harbor Floral Bikini Bottom, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Harbor Floral Bikini Bottom","id":"LW014-421-HARBORBLU-BOT","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $130 $59
  • Cassandra Bandeau Bikini Top, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Cassandra Bandeau Bikini Top","id":"LW017-438-CASSANDRA","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $155 $79
  • Harbor Side Tie Floral Bikini, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Harbor Side Tie Floral Bikini","id":"LW014-438-HARBOR","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $130 $59
  • Alex Silk Midi Skirt, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Alex Silk Midi Skirt","id":"LS063-430-ALEX","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $445 $299
  • Posy Tie Shoulder Floral One Piece Swimsuit, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Posy Tie Shoulder Floral One Piece Swimsuit","id":"LW009-421-POSY-1PC","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}

    Posy Tie Shoulder Floral One Piece Swimsuit

    LoveShackFancy Posy Tie Shoulder Floral One Piece Swimsuit
    $270 $129
  • Cassandra Bandeua Bikini Top, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Cassandra Bandeua Bikini Top","id":"LW017-421-CASS-TOP","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $155 $69
  • Mason Bikini Bottoms, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Mason Bikini Bottoms","id":"LW020-421-MAS-BOT","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $145 $69
  • Luella Off Shoulder Floral Bikini Top, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Luella Off Shoulder Floral Bikini Top","id":"LW019-421-LUELLA-TOP-ONL","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}

    Luella Off Shoulder Floral Bikini Top

    LoveShackFancy Luella Off Shoulder Floral Bikini Top
    $145 $69
  • Mason Rose Bikini Bottom, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Mason Rose Bikini Bottom","id":"LW020-421-MASON-BOT-ONL","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $165 $79
  • Mason High Waisted Bikini Bottoms, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Mason High Waisted Bikini Bottoms","id":"LW020-438-MASON","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}

    Mason High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

    LoveShackFancy Mason High Waisted Bikini Bottoms
    $145 $69
  • Dixie Alpaca & Wool-Blend Turtleneck, WHISPY PINK, hi-res
    {"name":"Dixie Alpaca & Wool-Blend Turtleneck","id":"LK120-460-ONL","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}

    Online Only

    Dixie Alpaca & Wool-Blend Turtleneck

    LoveShackFancy Dixie Alpaca & Wool-Blend Turtleneck
  • Jamie Fair Isle Cardigan, GREY, hi-res
    {"name":"Jamie Fair Isle Cardigan","id":"LK074-337-ONL","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}

    Online Only

  • Smocked Metallic Gingham Dress, GREY GINGHAM, hi-res
    {"name":"Smocked Metallic Gingham Dress","id":"LD251-484-COL-EXCL","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}


  • Navya Floral Silk Skirt, CREAM/FLORAL, hi-res
    {"name":"Navya Floral Silk Skirt","id":"LS189-443-NAVYA","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
  • Pippa Tie Sleeve Cotton Blouse, WHITE, hi-res
    {"name":"Pippa Tie Sleeve Cotton Blouse","id":"LT348-447-PIPPA","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
  • Violet Smocked Silk Mini Dress, IVORY/FLORAL, hi-res
    {"name":"Violet Smocked Silk Mini Dress","id":"LD604-482","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
  • Jasmine Ruffled Eyelet Sweater, LIGHT BLUE, hi-res
    {"name":"Jasmine Ruffled Eyelet Sweater","id":"LK113-461","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
  • Belle Smocked Cotton Dress, WHITE, hi-res
    {"name":"Belle Smocked Cotton Dress","id":"LD563-419","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $395 $279
  • Kendall Silk Floral Dress, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Kendall Silk Floral Dress","id":"LD339-433-KENDALL","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $525 $349
  • Daisy Tank Top, BLUE-LT, hi-res
    {"name":"Daisy Tank Top","id":"LT332-389-DAISY","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $215 $139
  • Amy Mini Skirt, PINK, hi-res
    {"name":"Amy Mini Skirt","id":"LS154-406-AMY-ONL","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $295 $179
  • Lila Pointelle Slip Dress, GREY, hi-res
    {"name":"Lila Pointelle Slip Dress","id":"LK098-270-LILA","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $395 $239
  • Stacy Maxi Dress, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Stacy Maxi Dress","id":"LD505-410-STACY","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $475 $189
  • India Ruffle Mini Dress, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"India Ruffle Mini Dress","id":"LD510-410-INDIA","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $345 $209
  • Sally Floral Slip Dress, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Sally Floral Slip Dress","id":"LD504-404-SALLY","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $525 $209
  • Domino Floral Wrap Top, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Domino Floral Wrap Top","id":"LT336-404-DOMINO","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $295 $119
  • Alex Silk Floral Midi Skirt, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Alex Silk Floral Midi Skirt","id":"LS063-404-ALEX","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $445 $199
  • Blake Crop Top, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Blake Crop Top","id":"LT344-390-BLAKE-ONL","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}

    Online Only

    $245 $99
  • Helen Maxi Dress, WHITE, hi-res
    {"name":"Helen Maxi Dress","id":"LD315-312","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $525 $259
  • Palm Ruffle Bikini Top, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Palm Ruffle Bikini Top","id":"LW013-396-TOP","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $145 $69
  • Riviera Ruffle Bikini Top, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Riviera Ruffle Bikini Top","id":"LW008-396-TOP","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $130 $59
  • Harbor Bikini Bottom, MULTI, hi-res
    {"name":"Harbor Bikini Bottom","id":"LW014-396-BOT","brand":"LoveShackFancy"}
    $130 $59


Clothing crafted with a vintage feel, evoking a dreamy, ethereal energy rich in flattering silhouettes and stunning detail. Fanciful silk dresses embellished with intricate lace in soft hues are the brand's signature pieces, infused with femininity and strength for the wearer.